▶ May 68 movement, which led France into notorious social chaos by French students who demanded the sexual liberation and other lefty values, became a turning point for the spread of Neo-Marxism. The photo shows the students demonstrating in Paris in May, 1968

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Dong-seob Shim, a lawyer, insists that Neo-Marxism is destroying churches in the January issue of the World View

“Neo-Marxism has been penetrated deeply into the whole society of Korea including politics, economy, culture and even education, destroying ethics and morals in churches,” said Shim(a partner of law firm, Logos, and the reverend of Yang-byung church) in a contribution in the January issue of the World View .

Mr. Shim said that many people infected with Neo-Marxism are working for the administration, the National Assembly, and the judicial branch of Korea and they are making laws and policies which destroy the value of churches and ethics. That’s why he demands churches should hurry to prepare measures against Neo-Marxism.

Neo-Marxism disguises itself as good putting on masks of good-to-hear things such as human right, anti-discrimination, embracing, tolerance, environment protection, protection of laborer, feminism, and etc. and it lures people to believe that Neo-Marxism is good. However, Neo-Marxism, in fact, has totalitarianism, secularism, Utopian ideology without God within it and its ultimate purpose is to devastate Christian values and churches.

Neo-Marxism concentrates on the culture while Marxism focuses on the economy.

Once the economy problems are solved, people’s interest moves onto sexual desires naturally. Freud and his pupil, Wilhelm, offered the theoretical foundation for emancipating these sexual desires. They have this opinion that we should spend our sexual appetite to be happy but the desires are restricted by social institutions, systems, ethics and especially Christian values.

From this point of view, social activists insist that we should desert patriarchal societies and make up the perfect equality between males and females in our homes. They also say some people can be appealed to the same sex, so we should abolish societies where homosexuality is oppressed because banning their instinct makes them unhappy.

Those social activists consider Christians as crude people who go against the current trend. To make matters worse, they think they can even cooperate with Muslims to destroy Christian values. Especially, these activists demand that those who deny Neo-Marxism are biased and discriminatory and they should be deprived of their freedom of expression according to PC(politicla correctnes)’s point of view.

Mr. Shim said “Many church leaders thinks homosexuality is a global trend and Korea is also going to be accustomed to it, and it is very self-mocking and reality-behind. They should realize that behind the homosexuality lies the dangerous Neo-Marxism.”[gnpnews]

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