“Military mission, my life will be the Bible they will read”
Military dorms formerly called squad room (picture source: insight.co.kr)

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I was called by God as a missionary and trained at a mission field, and I was called another mission field, the army. When I first entered the army boot camp, I had a really exciting time as a trainee. It didn’t take that long to adapt to the training camp because of lots of community trainings I had. / Whether it was because obeying God’s word was my basic way of thinking, I got a lot of compliments and credits for being an example of obeying the orders of seniors, formation training and loud voices.

Also, when I came back to the barracks, I used to look at the Bible, and the way I looked at it has intrigued other fellow soldiers. They have asked many questions about invisible God, the basis of my faith and religious beliefs. And then I realized something. Whether you’re a Christian or not, whatever life you’ve been through, there’s a longing for truth and a question in people’s mind. I couldn’t answer all those questions, but I could only share my story as a witness who has met the truth. One of my fellows wanted to hear the gospel and the Bible from me every day. It was a very special and valuable time for me.

“What kind of God do you believe in?”

Time in the training camp passed like a dream, and I was assigned to one of the worst military units in the Korean Army. I’ve made many mistakes a private can make and I’ve been scolded a lot. I was once frustrated in the thought that God would not be honored by me for my mistakes I made and the criticism I received. But I have come to realize that not only is God honored through my perfect military life, but he is honored by my soul’s quest for God in all circumstances.

I put down the idea that I should be a better soldier or I have to make a perfect military career, but rather I have listened to the voice of God in the mist of the time given to me. By that time I had time to share with God again.

The fellows who have seen me open the Bible every day and taken notes of meditation, the seniors who saw me gathered my hands and mumbled before the meal, would ask me “What kind of God do you believe in?” It was the question even deeper than the question at the boot camp. There were many words among us, but I prayed that a life truly obedient to God would be a message rather than dialectic. I know people won’t pay attention to what I’m saying. Like someone said, my life will be the Bible for them to read.

In the relationship between senior and junior, in the system of the army, in the stories of the various lives encountered in the military, there is a lot to be felt. Sometimes I find myself in a lot of thoughts and troubles in my mind. Whenever I have faced that moments, the thing I can do is to open the Bible and be calm to stay before God. Seeking the face of God is the thing I can do in this place where I cannot concentrate and be calm.

I’m now praying for a fellow worker of faith to stand on the same side of me and to share grace of God. I want to talk about Jesus. For me, it is a sip of water. [GNP News]

Jacob Kim (oo unit)

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