One who Has the Gospel, Be Proud of the Cross In Every Realm!
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The Gospel of Fulfilling covenant(3) 


God, who knows everything, was the complete answer to all David’s undergoing problems and circumstances. Only when God becomes my Master does all the mysteries of life be solved. Realizing this amazing fact, David immediately changes his attitude. Those who have met God clearly, stand by God only and hate his enemies (Psalm. 139:19-22), clarify one’s affiliation without hesitation.

However, there are those who, after meeting the Gospel, playing double between in the Lord and in the world, and acting like a double agent. They might think they are wise, but will God, Omniscient and Omnipotent, and Omnipresent as well, be deceived by such people? If they really knew the gospel, wouldn’t they want to be on his side as they know God more through God’s words, and give themselves all to him in joy of being his possession?

People who became born again and possessions of the Lord can never live like before. They can’t live lives that are incompatible in which they do their best not only in their churches but also in the world, however, whose affiliation is unclear. Nevertheless, there are still many people around us who know the contents of the Gospel more accurately than anyone, but never enjoyed it fully, and who have never thrown their entire life into the Gospel of the Cross.

Christians Are the People Who Made It Clear That They Belong to Jesus.

What does the Bible explain the gospel of the cross which God has given us is? The Gospel is stumbling block to the Jews, and foolish thing to the Gentiles. The apostles boldly delivered the message that could not be accepted by any value of the world. Believing in Jesus Christ means passing on everything from my thoughts, experience, and ideas etc. to death. To accept fully the death of the sick self that I was the master of and to believe that the Lord, not the part of Jesus Christ, is my everything. And the Christians are the people who made it clear that they are possessions of the Lord.

The faith, that mixed with the best of my effort and enthusiasm, is bound to run into the limits at some point and wander about in search of a breakthrough other than the Lord. Such people know that the answer is Jesus Christ, however, they never give their whole to him.

Can the Gospel God has given us be lacking? The more clearly God’s Omnipotence and Omnipresence is confirmed, the more our exclamation erupts how complete the Gospel given to us is. Those who have this Gospel, without fear, shout and boast of it in all areas of their calling, in media, education, commerce and public office, etc. The fragile church changed the world by living clearly in the value of the Gospel. Why is today’s church ashamed of the Gospel, saying it has the same Gospel?

It must be remembered that nowhere in the Bible has ever been ashamed of the Cross and the Gospel, the secret and wisdom of God (Gal. 6:14; Rom. 1:16). The only Gospel to save mankind is the news of the Death of the Cross and Resurrection . This Gospel makes us stand by God and turn our backs completely on the world and Satan. Nothing from the world, such as the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of this world, can ever be together in the holy nature of God (IJohn 2:15-16). (April, 2017) <To Be Continued> [GNPNEWS]

Kim Yong-Eui (WMM missionary, LOG Mission Representative)

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