Oil/Petroleum Is the Thing pressed Out of Life Buried In During the Great Flood 4,400 Years Ago
A stratum of Mt. St. Helen, in southern part of the western Seattle area of the United States. It was created in a matter of 3days after a torrent of soil. According to a survey conducted by geologists, the timing of the region's creation was measured millions of years ago (Source: creation.com capture)

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Creation Story 

This paper summarizes and introduces the lecture on Creationism by Dr. Kent Hovind of the United States, an expert on Creationism. Dr. Hovind’s lecture explains the creation world of God with an interesting focus on the Bible, and clearly states that evolution is a system of false belief.<Editor>

The Earth rotates at about 1,000 miles per hour(1600km/hour), which is slowing down. The earth is spinning slowly for about one-thousandth of a second each day.

The Astronomy Magazine published in 1992 an article like this. ‘The earth’s rotation is slowing down. The month of June will be one second longer than usual. We will have an addtional second.’ This means that in the old days the Earth rotated faster. It doesn’t matter if the Earth age is 6,000 years old.

Adam wouldn’t have noticed if the earth had rotated a little faster. But problems arise when people try to believe that the Earth is billions of years old. That’s because billions of years ago, it has to spin very fast. Wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep… Day and night are so fast that people won’t be able to do anything. Also, the centrifugal force would have been tremendous and the wind speed would have been 5000 miles per hour (8000km/hour) by the Coriolis force (electric power: inertia force felt in the rotating system). If dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, they would have flied into space. For this reason, it is difficult to say that they lived millions of years ago.

There is always a prevailing wind blowing in the same direction in the Sahara Desert. This causes serious problems because the hot wind from the desert kills neighboring trees and makes them desert. This process is called ‘desertification’. The researchers, who have studied the Sahara for a long time, say the Sahara is about 4,000 years old. At first, Egypt was fertile land as a whole. Then there is a question. If the Earth is millions of years old, why isn’t there a bigger desert somewhere? Why is the largest desert on Earth less than 4,000 years old?

Here’s my argument. I believe that God created everything about 6,000 years ago and there was a Great Flood about 4,400 years ago. It is difficult to exist a desert in a flood. The desert cannot grow until the flood water is reduced. So I predict based on the Bible that the largest desert on Earth will be less than 4,400 years old.

Why is the oldest desert less than 4,000 years old?

Also, if you penetrate any part of the land, you will get oil/petroleum. Oil is under tremendous pressure, and some places are 20,000 pounds per inch, and if you drill a hole, it rises straight from the ground. How much pressure is 20,000 pounds per square inch? Those who study rocks on petroleum say that rock can withstand the pressure no more than 10,000 years. “The weight of the rock provides pressure, but the pressure in the hole is greater than the pressure pressed above. Oil will break through the rock within 10,000 years.” That leaves two questions. Where did oil come from? And why is it still bearing the pressure?

Most scientists agree that oil came from the compressed organisms and changed by pressure and heat into oil. And in 1971, at a laboratory (H.R. Appell, Pittsburgh Energy Research Center) they figured out how to make oil in 20 minutes. Australia has created a sewage treatment plant that turns sewage water into oil in 30 minutes. Texas recently opened an oil-making plant by putting pressure on the internal organs of the turkey and heat-treating it. At that time, there was an article like this. ‘We not only cloned what Mother Nature does, but we do it what Mother Nature does over the millions years in about half an hour.’

Sinclair Oil Corporation uses dinosaurs as logos. They say that dinosaurs became oil. I don’t think so. About 6000 years ago God made everything and about 4,400 years ago there was a Great Flood (global) that caused a turbulent change in crustal change. Many people and creatures were buried in the flood. Gravels, rocks, sand and mud were piled up on them, after a while, they were piled up quite heavy and squeezed into oil.

So the oil that’s buried down there is the people and animals buried in the flood. Come to think of it, we’re using our ancestors to drive around today. <To Be Continued> [GNPNEWS]

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