David’s Calling; My Calling; The Calling Of the Church
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The Gospel of Fulfilling Covenant(4)

He who clearly met God lives a life of a ‘Spiritual Warfare’. No matter how much you fall, make mistakes and tremble in fear, you have no other choice but to stand by the LORD. As David hated his enemies very much (Psalm. 139:22), he fights against the world and against the old self, hate in your heart all the familiar areas where you used to be the master of your own. Let us constantly obey God and confront spiritual beings that interferes this.(James 4:7).
In a spiritual warfare, the human being needs to arm with the gospel entirely(Ephesians 6:10b.). Even emotions, sentiments, we are called  to fight to redeem our entire areas thoroughly by the gospel. David asks the Lord to take a look at his heart (Psalm 139:23~24). It is the human mind/heart, which is deceitful and is deeply corrupt more than all things, that makes them self-deceiving and self indulgent. David knew God and knew himself, so he asked God not only to examine his heart/mind, but also to protect from his corrupt mind and heart.
Be careful not to fall into David’s humanly attraction. Look at the Bathsheba Incident and the census that revealed David’s original human nature. Without this, I begin to think carefully that, David also, not only would have been intoxicated to pursuing of himself but also become a character who makes other people to pursue of themselves. The Lord allowed David’s sin to come to light. David, too, is no more or no less than a miserable man like us. Therefore the Lord should examine our heart/mind and show it to us in so many deceitful ways in the world. Holiness, lust, grace and self-pursuit cannot coexist.
The Path/Way of the Cross, the Path of the Gospel With the Love of High Purity of Heart and Mind
But God changed the place where he fell and failed into the foundation of salvation and the holy temple. It’s an amazing grace. The sword would not leave David’s house, and, even his children have rebelled against him, but the grace of God still would not leave him. For us too, David’s confession must not go away in the face of any hardship or tribulations. “Lord, look at me and test me. Examine me, Lord. And know me and judge me!”
He who met God walks to the end of his eternal calling. The path to compromise is not ours. The path we must go is to the end of the calling. Now we can’t afford to betray anymore. We must walk the path of the cross, the path of the gospel, with the love of the high purity of our heart/mind.
How David’s plea was achieved today! The Holy Spirit, God, leads us on the path of eternal truth. The Holy Spirit comes to us, sometimes reproaches and corrects us, but he loves us hotly and leads us to move on towards the Truth more.  He makes us to live in the glory of God, who had no choice but to live in the pursuit of glory of the world, to become ones who seek for the Kingdom and the Righteousness of God.

He makes us the holy temple of Christ (I Cor.3:16) and he rules over us and makes us to be the people who seek and pray for the all nations by God’s level. We live with the privilege of seeking the Lord’s will and daring to think that he has already been answered (1John 5:14-15). Beyond praying for the solution of our own problems or desires, we seek the glory of the Lord in the nations, and through the people who follows the spirit and not following the flesh, God makes the advance of the kingdom of God in this time.
For the last time, David exclaims like this. ‘Lead me on the eternal path!(Psalm 139:24)’ Are you ready to entrust your eternal life to the only Almighty and Omnipresent God? The LORD will not give up on us until the day we imitate the image of His son and enjoys the richness of His life. This is the call for David, call for me, and the call for the church. Even if the calling is a cross in the worldly view of value, is it not enough to rush in to joy even more? (April 2017) <The End> [GNPNEWS]

Kim Yong-Eui (WMM missionary, LOG Mission Representative)
GNP News allows to use this article for those people who pray for the all nations. Please identify the source as GNPNEWS and use it. Please let us know if you used it. Contacting email: gnpnews@gnmedia.org

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