The Age of the Earth That Polar Ice columns Reveal
▶Fighter jets that went missing during World War II, known as "The Lost Squadron." Theoretically, the ice layer was measured as 160,000 years, but in reality it was only 48 years old (Source: capture of antientdestruction).

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Creation story (12)
This paper summarizes and introduces lecture of Dr. Kent Horvind, who is an American expert on creationism. Dr. Horvind’s lecture explains an interestingly account of God’s creation world around the Bible, and clearly states that evolution theory is a false belief system.
It was during a lecture in Denver, U.S. Someone came and said, “Mr. Hovind, you’re teaching us that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and we want to prove you that you’re wrong. Will you follow us?” And they took me to a large freezer in Lake Wood, outside the Denver countryside. It was the National Ice-Core Research Institute. I had to go into the minus 36 degree freezer, so they dressed me in a big winter suit, hat, boots and gloves, but I, a native of southern Florida, froze as soon as I entered.
They said. “We go to Greenland and drill holes in the ice. When we drill with this big pipe, we take the ice core(column) that comes into the pipe and we save it here in Lake Wood, Colorado.

There are 10 ice cores(column) stored here in this freezer brought in that way.” They showed me an ice core and said, “You see the rings here that look like the annual rings of a tree? It’s dark, it’s light, it’s dark, it’s light…”I replied that it was very clear. They explained the reason why the rings are made. “In summer, snow melts a little, but when it freezes again, it becomes a transparent ice that looks dark, and in winter, there’s no chance of snow freezing and melting, so here’s a white-looking layer. So these layers represent summer, winter, summer, winter. What we dug the most is 10,000 feet deep. And the rings of the ice core are 135,000. You claim the Earth is 6,000 years old, but we can prove to you that the Earth is at least 135,000 years old.”
A secret Revealed from the Lost Squadron
I asked them. “You’re assuming that one ring is a year old, aren’t you?” It seems that they didn’t know about ‘The Lost Squadron’. During World War II, air force planes ran out of fuel and landed in Greenland. The planes were left there. It was 1942. The war was in full swing and people forgot all about the planes. They were forgotten until a wealthy millionaire in Kentucky tried to find the airplanes(fighter jets) with a whimsical idea.
The planes were stuck in the ice when they were looking for the planes. To locate the planes, ground-penetrating radars were used to see through the ice. Holes were drilled into the ice to get the planes out. It was 263 feet (80 meters) deep below the surface. where the ice melted, the planes were disintegrated and the pieces were pulled out of the holes. And they were reassembled in Middlesboro, Kentucky.
The planes had been in ice for 48 years and 263 feet down, so it’s a 5.5-feet-thick pile of ice for a year. If the 10,000 feet deep pierced by the
National Ice-Core Research Institute are divided by 5.5, the figure will be around 1800. Even considering that deeper layers are called the Ice Age snow and are squeezed more densely, 4400 years will be enough time for all Arctic and Antarctic ice to squeeze. Otherwise, why not have more ice in the North and South Poles?
I met Bob Cardin who took the planes out of the ice and asked him. “Bob, did you see the ice rings when you dug up the ice to get the planes out?” “Yes, I saw hundreds.” I wondered. “Wait a minute. How could there be hundreds of ice rings in 48 years? Shouldn’t there be only 48 rings?” He answered. ‘Who said it’s a-year-old layer?’ And he explained that the rings did not represent ‘summer, winter, summer, winter,’ but ‘warm, cold, warm, cold.’
However, there are still people who call it the one-year layer. They are whether Ignorant or lying. I hope they are just ignorant.

Because ignorance can be fixed. Stupidity is eternal, but ignorance can be fixed. That’s the difference. The man who works for Eskimos said to me, “Brother Horvind, my car has had 15 layers of snow in eight hours. It’s not 15 inches, it’s 15 distinct layers of snow.” <To Be Continued> [GNPNEWS]
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