“The Last Bastion, the Church Should Keep in Times of Crisis”

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The Gospel of Eternal Love (1)
We are living in an age of crisis that is changing politically, socially, religiously and culturally. The tyranny of humanism and secularism, which denies absolute truth and value, has stolen the cause of human rights and equality, revealing to the fullest the greed of the diseased self. In addition, extreme individualism attacks God, truth, and morality, by ridiculing, through authority which is deviant and immoral deviations like wild flowers in a wide field with the power of groups on their backs and doing social provocations.

The orders that is too difficult to receive for ‘a sinner like me’ who live in a brazen generation which make lust as their god and shame as their glory by far is “to Love.” The Lord’s commandment  ‘Love as I have loved you’ is impossible for me even justmimicking or to get near to it.

God’s command that cannot be imitated is, “you love each other!”.

“But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.”(2Tim 3:1) The history of the decadent human racewill be a time of suffering, that evil is in full swing, and truth will be resisted and anxiety will be aggravated. Nevertheless, human beings humanistic and who have no fear of God, relying on arrogant intelligence and power, presents a splendid blueprint that says that the good world, Utopia, will come.

But it is certain that it will be a time of suffering. We should not be deceived, for the Lord has already warned of the things there will arise in endtimes in chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew. At the last days, there will be a time of apostasy, disaster and confusions and persecutions. This will make it hard for anyone to believe, and the boundary between good and evil will be blurred, and crucial disaster of faith will come, which will prevent enduring it until the end because unlawfulness is rampant.

There will be countless sufferings, confusions and challenges, but the most crucial disaster is the loss of the high ground of ‘Love’. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold(Matt.24:12). Love is the last bastion that makes many people endure the endtimes of the world. But if the hope of ‘Love’ which will light the last flame is lost, it will really be over. In an age when love has cooled off, families and organizations and societies that cannot feel the heat of love are horrible to think of! There is no more terrible tragedy than this.

So the Lord comanded us, the  church, which stood before this crisis of the times, to add love to the truth. “And above all these put on love” (Gol 3:14). The church with the light of the Gospel is the light of the world, the lighthouse of salvation. The Church is the last hope of the world. Because it is in the middle of the world, there are countless crises in the church. Love wanes because of unlawfulness, the lost first love due to busyness, changed love because of temptation, love compromised by trials, love exhausted by hardships…

The most serious crisis among the disasters of faith is this loss of “Love.” The enemies of church will rush desperately to take the love away from the church. Losing love brings about the most terrible crisis and disaster. (May 2017) <To Be Continued> [GNPNEWS]

Kim Yong-Eui (WMM missionary, LOG Mission Representative)

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