The eyesight to find God is more than enough
illust=Ko Eun Sun

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The life of the saint is not a battle between blood and flesh, but a battle between affairs, power and evil. I introduce the confession of the saints who declare victory with faith in everyday life. <editor>

The sight to discover God

It was when my son was seven years old that I learned that his eyesight was not very good.

He had only 0.3 eyesight in his glasses. It was so much desperate. I started for my son to wear glasses and regularly raised up my correction visions through the ophthalmology. On that day, my son’s eyesight was not so much changed so I had lots of hard time.

I was waiting for my husband in the parking lot with a confused mind. But the child found my husband but I could not find him, and my son was delighted to say, ‘My father is there!’

I felt like this kind of moment. “Yes, I’ve got enough vision to find my dad.”

“My God, He gave eyesight to find him out!” After that I had a grateful heart of God. The Lord who gave the child the sight to find the father asks me to give me grace that does not miss the sight. (Ko Sang Mi, Choong Chung Nam do, Dang Jin City)

When a fire breaks out in my heart, The Bible is the fire extinguisher

When I teach the children at school, sometimes I meet the children who are very difficult to teach. When you deal with children who are not polite and unconventional, the fire is in my heart. At first, I prayed for the children and also prayed for them to keep growing up into bigger children who know the Lord. But when I was in trouble in my heart, I could not pray. Sometimes I didn’t want to pray for them. Then I read the first chapter of 1Timothy.

The Lord came to save the sinners, to pour over grace, to endure endlessly and to give me mercy. I repented of my lack of compassion in these children. God’s heart and my heart were completely separated. I endured me endlessly and finally repented with tears in front of Jesus’ grace, and saved God’s pride and love for these children.

The grace that I received in me required necessary for all these children. I am grateful to you for noticing God’s heart and for letting me feel proud of you. (Kim Bo Ra, Choong Nam, Seo San City)

Love your enemies

While moving to a new house I decided that ‘I will start with a new mind’. But from the first day of moving, my idea was ruined and burst like bubbles. I ran into the owner of the house – each and every case and I have been through all this. My couple could not help but cope with it. But the stress was getting more and more. At that time, I thought of Jesus. The Lord died on the cross without any kinds of sins. But he prayed that he would forgive their sins.

I looked at myself who could not hold the souls of my master’s house and thought that even I was a true believer. Forgiveness was for me, not for others. I prayed for the souls with the love that was forgiven by the love of the cross. I have traveled with my acquaintances to a place where I could see the sea a while ago. I felt the wide amount of the sea that has everything while looking at the wide sea, and I pledged to hold everyone, pray and live.

(So Tae Soon, Seoul City, Kumchun-ku) [Gospel Prayer News]

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