“How could we keep holiness in a deceptive and deceiving world?”

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The life of the Christians is not a battle between blood and flesh, but a fight against righteousness, authority, and wicked ones. I will introduce the confessions of Christians who live by proclaiming victory by faith in various everyday lives. <Editors>

“How could we keep holiness in a deceptive and deceiving world?”

Today, I went to the department store to work. It is always challenging to live as a Christian in this place where it feels like the holy place of Mammon.

Nowadays, when there is no sales, there are occasions that sales are made even if you choose to cheat. they are credited for ability and skill.

They are rather recognized as capable and capable. However, I received the word that “I am holy, so be holy.” I am an extra ordinary Christian here. I’m being laughed at for taking over the subject. But only in obedience to the Word, I believe that the gospel will be glorified. Today I am loyal to small things and serve our customers based on truth. We are not ruined because there is no money, but we are ruined because there is no grace. This is the most miserable life. I give thanks and praise to the Lord who will not leave me to be so. (Park Kyung-ran, Kyunggi yongin.)

“Believe in Jesus!” “I only believe in women!”

There is a bus terminal that has been steadily evangelizing Good News for several years. I met a man who wiped shoes and I preached the gospel, but he refused the gospel at all times. I told him to believe in Jesus, but he said “I only believe in women” Even when I gave a paper of Gospel, “I hate reading the text.” he was stubborn. 2years later, The day I was also evangelizing in the terminal. Then the man greeted me with a bright face first. “I came to believe in Jesus. I was hungry and went to a church. Where heard the word of God and believed in Jesus and received him.

I gave all the glory to the Lord who did not forget the prayer of 2years ago and worked faithfully. (Brother Song, Seosan, Chungnam)

“How to keep calm in the irritation of the boss of the workplace”

A few years ago, I began to read the Bible with church sister. One day she devoted as a missionary and left me. But surprisingly, reading the Bible continued. and years have passed. A few days ago, the text of meditation told me to ‘forgive’

the boss who had a sharp personality, was very annoyed by the day. However I decided not to keep that words in mind. After that, Surprisingly, it was not difficult at all. I was never there before. Ah! this is how I can win by the faith. Amazing moment ever. (Shim ye-jee, Seoul Joongu)

“I waited and waited for the answer from the customer”

I received an offer of a product based in a foreign country. I contacted our head office and they asked me to wait a few days for confirmation.

I did not get in touch and called again after a few days. They said they would give me a call as soon as it was confirmed. waited again. but they did not give a call.

God touched my mind to call everyday while praying for this. I called them every morning for a week. Finally, they gave me the information of the person in charge. In fact, this reaction has never been seen in me before.

It seems to be watching the history of transforming the Lord that If it is the Lord’s word, I will abandon my thoughts and judgment to obey God. 10 years since I met the Lord, I can not explain that without the Lord.

He destroyed me who I thought I was and changed me to the one the Lord had planned before the foundation of the world. Praise the Lord who has made a new creation in me. (Lee Jee-su, Seoul Seocho)



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