▶ the Maldives, the Indian Ocean

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The Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean has white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters as befits its nickname, the pearl of the Indian Ocean. You can see a variety of charming spectacles every single day. It is impossible to exalt God’s amazing touches when seeing the whole beautiful creations.

The Maldives, however, also has its agony. It is under the threat of submergence. Besides, the residents who converted or try to convert themselves to Christianity from Islam─most of them are the Sunni Muslims─get to be excluded, imprisoned, or tortured. There have been a numerous missionaries who were banished while preaching the gospel. Nevertheless, Jesus Christ on the Cross and God’s glory will sure be revealed throughout the believers who keep their faith despite persecution. Before the day of reckoning comes, I hope we all will realize brevity of our lives and receive Jesus Christ, the only shelter of all creations, through His gospel.[gnpnews]

“Be exalted above the heavens, O God; Let Your glory be above all the earth.(Psalms 57:5_NASB)

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