Can I Be Saved?
Illustration by Kyeong-Sun Kim

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Everyone wants to listen the good news, the gospel. I extract some passages from the evangelist message published by Mustard Seed Mission organization and introduce various kinds of faith confessions for souls who seek the gospel. <Editor>

“I cannot go to heaven. Only good people should go to church. If you know who I am, you want to kick me out from your church.” No. It is your misunderstanding. Church welcomes you. There is no one whom God cannot embrace.

Frankly, church is filled with people like you. And I am also one of them. Church is the place where sinners gather who do not deserve heaven. But why do sinners gather? Because their sins are forgiven. It does not means that they do not sin, but it means that their sin that they committed is forgiven. Thus, your sin that you committed should be forgiven.

What is a sin? You have a misconception that the reason that you are a sinner because you have committed many sins. But it is not true. You are a sinner because you have DNA which triggers you to commit sin. Every human being has sinful nature, DNA that their ancestor Adam inherited. Thus, depending on the situation, there is only difference between committing sin less and committing sin more. In fact, everyone is destined to go to hell. Nobody can be excluded.

The good news for you and me is that there is a way not to go to haven. There is someone who was punished because of your sin. He is the Son of God, Jesus. God poured his anger about your sin to his son and his son died on the cross but God saved you.

If you repent your sin and accept Jesus as your new life, Jesus will be your master and lead you to the new life of heaven. Church is the place where sinner whose sins are forgiven and who want to be forgiven gather. There is no condition to be forgiven. It is just acceptance God’s heart who already forgives you without a condition.

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