The One Who Loves God Should…
▶ a brother and sister in harmonious friendship, Burkina Faso

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There is a brother and sister who keep a shabby service center which is the part of their lives. On the worktable in front of the rusty steel shelving are tools in disarray. And under the worktable, there are a lot of parts in baskets which are made of pieces of plastic. Among some components of a motorcycle, there is a small front wheel and it is used as the brother’s chair. However, he goes to his sister and sits on her laps because of discomfort caused by his wheel in the end.

The sister feels a bit annoyed but doesn’t say a word and lets her lovely brother be. That makes him smile. The love which the Lord has planted in life flows to our family members who are the closest to us. She gives up her own comfort and chooses her brother’s smile because it is more precious to her. The smile of little brother who is beloved becomes happiness. She will not exchange it for anything. The motive for her love is originated from the fact that she has also been loved by God. The one who has received the love of Jesus Christ, who surrendered all His rights, can love his/her siblings, family, church and country with great joy.[gnpnews]

“And this commandment we have from Him, that the one who loves God should love his brother also.”(1 John 4:21_NASB)

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