Impression of the Holy Spirit

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Those who receive the Bible’s teachings but are not taught by the Holy Spirit are found everywhere.

These people believe that they can find the truth by their intelligence.

When someone holds the basic doctrine of Christianity, we think he has the truth of God.

But if the Holy Spirit is not there, there is no truth.

Just as the Holy Spirit’s touch was needed for the Bible to be recorded, we need the Holy Spirit’s touch to understand the truth of the Bible.

“If it were not given to you from above.”(John 19:11) We can not gain enlightenment. For the gift of realizing the truth is given from heaven.

It is blessed to be sanctified, and it is much more blessed to be truthful and to be sanctified.

Blessed are those who hear the truth, who are enlightened and judge correctly, and who enjoy the blessing of perfect love.[GNPNEWS]

<HOLY SPIRIT(2006), A.W.Tozer>

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