“Let us enjoy the right to love and to obey our neighbors”
illust =Ko Eun Sun

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What kinds of changes will teenagers experience when they learn about the Christian worldview? Christian school, ‘THE SCHOOL.HEBRON’, students have presented by learning various Christian values such as politics, economy, society and culture. Here is a summary of the presentation. <Editor>

When I walked the path of faith I had many times to hesitate to obey. It is because of the perception that there is my right, freedom that I can obey the Lord and may not obey.

People have fought for their rights and freedom. I think the recent issue of the queer event is a struggle for representative rights. Queer events are festivals that affirm themselves, and exposure or performance is the meaning of rejection, resistance and opposition to the frame work of society.

For them, freedom is the right to freely decide their gender identify and the direction of live.

The shape looks different, but freedom is the place where I become king, and I live at my own will.

In 2 Peter he is saying about the freedom people think. “Promising them freedom while they themselves are slaves of corruption.”(2 Peter 2:19a, NASB) The Hellaic origin of the word ‘freedom’ used here is ἐλευθερία (Eluderia). It means freedom, self-indulgence and freedom to do what you want. But strange thing seemed to be my way, but it turned out to be a fallen species, tied up. But the strange things seemed to be my way, but when I found out, it was a corrupt slave and always tied up hands and legs. This is the freedom that everybody says and gets along together in the world.

Then what does the Bible say about freedom? “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32)” Ture freedom does not come from me. It comes only from truth.

It is not the fighting and struggling for me to gain but the truth makes everything free. The subject is not in me but in the truth.

Here, the word ‘know’ which expresses Hellaic word ‘γινώσκω’ means ‘to experience, to learn and to get to know’. The place where I have experienced Jesus was the cross of Jesus. On the cross we can enjoy true freedom. ‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36).” The true freedom is the place of the cross where Jesus truly frees me. If this is the real freedom, what is the Christian’s right?

Paul said he had given up many of his rights in 1 Corinthians/Chapter 9. Paul’s right to abandon was a submission to God’s plan to save many souls for the gospel of Christ. What is more surprising is that Paul himself says that the prize he will receive is not using his rights. In the world everybody wants freedom by fighting for what he wants but Paul gives up the right he can use himself. For Paul, the real right was not a place I could enjoy as I wished, but a place of obedience. Paul considered this as privileged.

Jesus gave up his right to sit in the seat of the heavenly throne and chose the position of obedience. The cross where Jesus was obedient until his death was a place of hardship, but God raised Jesus through it and gave him an excellent name on all names. (Phillippians Chapter 2). Freedom to obey, it is given to Christians for freedom and privilege. It is my turn now.

You have the right to love your neighbors, the right to serve, the right to go to a difficult place, and the right to obedience.  [Gospel Prayer News]   Kim Seo In (19)

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