Go Further to the Sea of Grace
Illustration by Nojuna

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The Gospel of Grace That Must Be Enjoyed (1)

Among those who enjoy swimming on the beach in summer, suprisingly, more people who walk and walk around the sandy beach in swimsuits disregarding the sea water and go back home rather than those who leave themselves to the rough waves and enjoy swimming in the deep sea. What is worse than not being able to fully enjoy the sea even when they come to the beach is that there are people who live in faith and, yet, not fully committed themselves to the sea-like grace of the Lord.

The best indicator of how the people of Israel treat God is their attitude toward the temple. For those who did not fear God, the temple was nothing but a visible building. The worship in such a manner only offended God. God destroyed His temple, which had been defiled through Babylon.

But the visible destruction of the temple served as an opportunity to establish Israel’s identity right. The first thing they realized was that they were not worthy of God’s grace, and to their surprise, the Lord did not give up on them who were unqualified. The heart/mind of God is confirmed through the vision of the temple of Ezekiel (Chapter 45-47). Water, the symbol of God’s presence, begins to flow again from the altar of the restored temple. And the water is full and overflowing enough to completely cover his own existence over the knees and waist from the ankles. To be thankful for the grace received from the Lord upto ankle level, but the Lord says that go deeper and leave my whole life to the Lord.

The Grace of Life Given to Me, the Unqualified

Far from I cross over or resist by my own strength, the river and the sea of the mighty grace drags me. And, all that grace touches, comes to life. Even the Dead Sea, which has no chance of surviving on its own, will have miracle that changes into a place of life when the water of grace is covered.

It is the Gospel of the Resurrection of the Cross that the most secret heart of the Lord has been seen by grace. Everything the Gospel touches comes to life. Do you participate in this honor and enjoy the Gospel? So, are you not satisfied with the glory you have tasted so far, but continue to move on to the deep sea of Grace, longing for the greater and wider Glory of God? Are you going on upto the place where you can’t live without depending on God’s Grace? Do you not hesitate in fear that if you give yourself entirely to the Lord, the little joy you have had might be lost? As the confession of “The Mercy of God is an Ocean Divine” (Hymn p.302), until the sea of Grace encroaches on us and moves on us, we must measure a thousand and take another step of faith. (June 2017) [To Be Continued] [GNPNEWS]

Kim Yong-Eui (WMM missionary, LOG Mission Representative)

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