Companies and media that support abortion and homosexuality openly attack the opposing camps
In front of the White House in Washington, D.C., a person holds a sign and protests against abortion.

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Citizens are protesting against abortion and homosexuality supporters by engaging in a boycott.

Recently, domestic and foreign companies that support abortion and homosexuality have exerted pressure on the opposing camps in various ways, such as limiting services and threatening the relocation of businesses.

While the U.S. government has recently tightened abortion rules to virtually neutralize abortion laws, Georgia passed a law banning abortion on May 7. Following Netflix, Disney, Warner Media, NBC and online TV and movie company Hulu said they would review their businesses in Georgia that passed the abortion ban law. In Georgia, which is widely seen as a “second Hollywood” for tax benefits, big four media companies threatened to stop the production altogether and demanded that the abortion ban not go into effect.

Conservatives in the United States, who oppose abortion, began a petition on June 3 to boycott the companies, saying they cannot give money to companies that advocate killing fetuses. The petition, initiated by anti-abortion activist Marcus Pitman, brought the cancellation amount to $161,000 for Netflix, $51,000 for Hulu and $24,000 for Disney Plus, two days after it began.

In addition, a foreign pro-homosexuality company operating in Korea forcibly reduced the number of online members of anti-homosexuality groups. According to the Anti-homosexuality Christian Citizens’ Coalition (ACCC) and the Anti-homosexuality People’s Solidarity(APS), Facebook Korea unilaterally cut the number of ACCC members from over 7,000 to 5,726 (as of Jan. 25, 2019), and on April 28, it reduced to 5,000 again. APS claims that the number of APS members also has been unilaterally reduced by Facebook Korea from 1,841 to 1,000.

In addition, about 180 CEOs of well-known U.S. companies signed against the abortion ban through a full-page advertisement in the New York Times on June 10. The reason is that the abortion ban hinders the hiring of competent employees and free economic activities of customers.

With the growing public opinion that abortion and homosexuality are the trends of the times, companies are launching events that fit the same code in their promotions. At a Queer event at Seoul Plaza on June 1, Obi Brewery posted a message on Facebook and Twitter on the same day: “This year 20 years old, cheer for your confident color, YASS!” A picture of Cass that was posted together has a rainbow color on the can. In particular, the photos also showed a hashtag titled ‘#Quire Festival #Seoul Queer Culture Festival,’ indicating that the marketing was aimed at cheering for homosexuals.

Along with these companies, media outlets around the world have criticized pro-life groups or even those who support it that claim freedom of abortion.
The Guardian, the British daily, raised the issue by criticizing Google for supporting the pro-life group, Obria. The Guardian said Obria Group’s ads support it provides abortion services, when in fact it tries to persuade women not to terminate pregnancies.

In addition, most Korean media also report abortion and homosexuality in a positive light, while they attack groups that oppose homosexuality and abortion with a frame of ‘hatred’.

If you search for media articles with keywords such as abortion, terminate pregnancies, etc., you can easily find articles written from the perspective of a legitimate right to abortion, such as “We live in a society that forces abortion,” “The right to abolish criminal abortion law is safe to bear,” “When You worry about safe artificial abortions,” and “It is immoral to see abortion as a sin.”

As some companies’ marketing and media reports are increasingly embracing abortion and homosexuality as the trend of the times, it is considered more urgent than ever for the Christian community to come up with measures to enhance traditional sexual concepts and moral consciousness. [GNP News]

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