Meet the Lord at that moment of life
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The life of Christians is not the war for blood and flesh, but the fight for the right and the wrong. I introduce the confession of the saints who declare victory with faith in various fields that occur in everyday life. <editor>

God who responds to the small groans

I had a lot of work these days so I was too much lack of sleep. I listened to the praise and I moved around my body but it was not easy to get tired. I wanted to wake me up if I ate cool things and I prayed to the Lord. “Lord… I wanted to drink cool things.” Then I forgot.

The team who came in this afternoon and bought ice cream. That was the ice cream I wanted!

This one and the other person took up earlier already and nobody took the bottom of envelope but inside of envelope in which nobody took up and that I prayed for the Lord only for ice cream.

God who responds to even the little groan, I was surprised by two things. I also respond to a small murmur exactly, and I pray and not to forget. It was a small thing, but I was ashamed of my fact that I could not always believe God’s character. What was more, eating ice cream, was a selfish mind, “Did you have to get something more expensive?” I did not appreciate what I gave, but I was revealed to be greedy for better things. But the Lord knows me and gives me grace. The grace of the cross found in a small moment of life makes me live every day.

(Chung Hanna Sister, Choongnam, Seo San)

I will keep singing the love of the Lord until breathlessly

I am teaching music at a Christian school. The final exam for this semester’s music class was to make and to play their own hymns with what they learned during one semester. Now I wondered if I could make great songs I could make by learning just Do, Re, Me and a few notes. Of course, no great songs were produced. Most of the songs were non-comma and only geometrical melodious. I played a unique song that I made with each child in accompaniment   to test.

At first I laughed so much since I sang songs that I could not even breathe but I was so relieved to think of when I had ever praised God so breathtakingly. The more I sing the praise of the breathless children, the more I think that what I need in my life is to praise God so that I can breathe. Now I enjoy listening to the songs that children played. The more I hear, the more I confess. ‘I will sing the love of the Lord who resembles like the uncountable sands, like the undeliverable sea water, like the endless universe.’ (Seo ○○ / Sister)

absolute taste and absolute truth

My son in the army said the food of the unit was unusually tasteless. Some days, I was very sorry to be able to taste this food with good ingredients. The cook in the unit seemed to be very inexperienced. Then I met a professional soldier a while ago. During the conversation, the talk of military food became a hot topic. Surprisingly the food in his unit was really delicious. In this unit the cook makes food for that unit… I wondered. What kind of difference is there? During the conversation, we finally found a decisive difference. The unit where the professional soldier worked had a food taste discriminator. He does not usually prepare meals, but he only plays a role in looking at the seasons at the last stage of the food. And his role is over by ordering the cooks such as salt and soy sauce, etc. So the soup and side dishes that heard his discipline are transformed into a wonderful food that all the members admire.
The world is never going to admit the truth these days. You are right and I am also right. How chaotic is the world that does not recognize God who is eternal truth? I was so glad and grateful that God, who was eternal truth, was the master of my thoughts. I pray that the Lord, who is the master of absolute like absolute taste, will be the iron of my thoughts.

(Kim ○○ brother)

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