God Who Fills the Earth With His Glory
Illustration by Nojuna

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The Gospel Is Enough-the Gospel of Grace That Should Be Enjoyed (2)

As the river of Grace swept through dry places,  where not originally under the stream of water but benefits from the swollen river are called ‘swamps’ and ‘marshes'(Ezekiel 47:). When the flooded water returns to its original position, it dries out from the scorching sun of the Middle East and becomes a death swamp.
This is the same life with what one have tasted and is stimulated by the Gospel, however, criticizes and judges others by using the knowledge of the Gospel as a weapon, rather than fully participating in it. We should stay in the sea of Grace, where the living water flows. What the Lord had hoped to tell us through the vision of the temple of Ezekiel is that the gospel of recovering the cursed Israel once again would penetrate Israel and affect all parts of the world. Details of the Gospel are specified in Romans chapters 1 to 11.
Paul, who praises God’s wisdom and knowledge beyond estimation of opinion of the creatures (Rom. 11:33-36), boldly confesses that faith in the revealed Gospel of God is the only way for a believer to be justified in his daily facing despair (Rom 1:17).
The Salvation Turning From Despair Into Hope
Isn’t it “I” who believe in the sick-self as original, is locked up in prison and seek for self- pursuit for every moment, and is driven to rebel against God? However, God determined to love the world in order to save the  sinner, whose existence itself is sin. The wonderful Gospel of salvation, which God has shown His love unilaterally, contains the essence of declaration in the book of Romans that regardless how we are, that it surely be unfolded in the midst of all the challenges and seductions of the world.

It takes thousands of years to realize the laws of nature, the revealed  order . Who dares to realize completely the depth of love that flows out of the heart of God, who built everything? We do not understand how, but the important thing is that when all things go back to the Lord, all corrupt order will be restored, and God will be honored forever. It is a word that only those who believe in God’s “Absolute Sovereignty” can confess.
His plan is perfect and His will is complete and no one could go against, so we believe history as his story. There have been many challenges to this fact in history. It seems that the cancerous sin, which refuses God by nature, is taking over the whole world, but the Lord laughs at it and sends Christ instead, the alternative in God’s level, and commands that to obey and prostrate before Him(Psalms 2:1~7). Just as the summer grass leaves are gone with the cold autumn breeze, life disappears like a fog, and is forgotten. Only when we discover the truth in our time of life, can we say that we have lived true life. God, the Absolute Sovereign, who never changes, will surely fill this land with His own glory, as He promised. “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.”(Habakkuk 2:14) (June 2017) <To Be Continued> [GNPNEWS]

Kim Yong-Eui (WMM missionary, LOG Mission Representative)

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