“I became a new life when I criticized people with violent lips”
illustrator=Ko Eun Sun

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The life of the saint is not a battle between blood and flesh, but a battle between affairs, power and evil. I introduce the confession of the saints who declare victory with faith in various fields that occur in everyday life. <an editor>

I was like a viper who blamed others…

I realized that all the standards and measures of my life are my eyes and thoughts, not the Lord. I do not express it to others, but I evaluated and criticized it on my standards.

I was wrapped like a graceful and caring person on the outside, but my inside person was terrible rotten and smelled. Why is he so alone like that? Why does she/exhorter talk like that?

Is he even that much crazy? What he had left behind for more than twenty years was a serpent who blamed his violent lips and surrounding drivers. But the more I talked, the more I saw my presence like atrocity and rot in front of the Lord.

At that time I held on to the cross that I died together with Jesus Christ and I started to hold my new life. Now I am going to step by step further into my life with a cross. I praise the Lord who did not give up on me and who gave up myself and raise my glory. I praise the Lord who did not give up on me who already gave up on myself and now raise my glory.

(Kwanak-gu, Lee Ester Sister)

Did I say “AC”?

One day I found a habit that I did not know myself but everyone else knew. A colleague told me to fix my habit by listening to me say “Mr. A” like a habit. At the moment, I did not realize that I had said it, and I was misunderstood, and I denied when I said it.

After a while, I asked another colleague. Maybe is there a habit of saying like that? My colleague

does not know and just laughed. Just then, I heard the sound of “AC” in my ear clearly. I saw my existence in the life of a missionary but usually kept complaining habitually. I told my colleagues that I had just done it, and I laughed at each other, encouraging for them not to die around in front of the cross. I was embarrassed but thank you so much!!!

My old life has already died on the cross, and now it is a resurrection that has become one with the Lord. Yahoo! (Choong Nam, Suh San si, Jung Hanna Sister)


He will be pleasingly persecuted in the name of Lord.

I have been engaged in missionary work for 4 years, but the evangelism scene is still unfamiliar.

It’s the reaction that the gospel came back when you told the gospel. You may get used to being rejected and ignored, but you’re still afraid.

Once I was rejected and thought, ‘How long should I do this?’ While I was praying I realized that I was not welcomed because the world trying to give me something I did not want in the world.

But what is clear for them is that I have what I need. It was a clear transition to the perception that I was not a person in this land. It was not difficult at all in front of any reaction when it was evangelized. Rather, I felt a sense of pride in my soul. I am ready to be happy and to be persecuted in the name of Jesus and to go out my home today. (Jeju-do, Sister Kim Sung Ok)

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