▶(PHOTO) Rwandan children crossing a field

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Jumping over the wooden fence, all the kids are running towards somewhere with a big smile on their faces. What makes them happy like that? The excitement about what they are to meet is transferred to the viewers, making them smile. A boy who is about to leap over the fence turns the face to another one behind and gestures with a hand as much as to say “Hurry up. Let’s go together!”

Won’t the moment when we meets our heavenly Father be the same as this? I am sure that we can easily pass over the fences along the way we are going to meet our God Father. There is no time to look aside. Not single thing can not hold us which made me satisfied or feel superior in the fences. We throw it away and just run to God.

I guess that on the way to God seeing somebody who still hesitates in his fence, I might shout “Come on. Let’s go to our very good Father together!”

“Our God is over there! Why don’t we together go to Him who loves us more than anything in the world and is the reason for our lives?” [gnp news]

“Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.“(Isaiah 45:22_NASB)



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