▶ Madagascan women having a meal

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Three women plus some children sitting side by side on the stairs. We can catch the worry and shadow on their faces. These people are allowed only one meal for the day by the grace of God. We can feel their tough lives at even a glance. Is tomorrow’s bread guaranteed for them? Who can feel for and console them? Only Jesus, who is almighty but came onto the earth as a humble man, can be their shelter.

Even Jesus was a traveler like us on this earth, too. He felt hungry and exhausted like us as well. He was born at a stable which is full of animals’ excretion and treated like a child without father. Even though He was sinless, Jesus was crucified after getting naked and receiving a lot of insults by sinners. Why did He allow all of it? That’s because He wanted to give the salvation and the true rest, happiness, and comfort to us who, otherwise, would be doomed in the dungeon. Jesus knows all about us. He understands us better than any one. Let’s take good rest in Him. [gnpnews]

They feast on the abundance of your house, and you give them drink from the river of your delights. (Psalms 36:8_ESV)

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