“Dedicate Your Body to God With Confidence”
Illustrator= Nojuna

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The Gospel Is Enough-The Gospel of Grace That Must Be Enjoyed(4)

The second meaning of dedication/devotion is ‘stand by the side of God.’ We must certainly choose the side of Lord now. Let’s not leave any room for ourselves. Hold the Lord simple and with simple honesty. The freewill to disobey God is nothing but treason. There must be no other way than obedience to the Holy God. What sort of God do we believe in? Isn’t he being treated like less than our direct military supervisor? Are we treating God, as child of God, with obedience? Then, all the possessions that we consider ours are to be turned over to the Lord.  The purse and the owner of the account must not be us, but only Jesus Christ in us.
It is the world in which we live does not admit this fact. This world should never be imitated by those who live as living sacrifices, but instead, should be discerned at every moment (Rom. 12:2). Because worldly values face closely our fleshly self, the inclination of the old self. We need to get out of this City of Destruction. Whenever the sticky old attachments, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of this life are encouraged, one should have attitude of taking the truth “Do not follow!” be the conclusion instead of making excuses. In this crazy world of self-love, we must boast only ‘the Cross where I have died’ (Gal. 6:13).

Let us keep in mind that the greatest harm of enjoying the Gospel is that the attitude of not considering everything as excrements that belong to the old self the Lord handed over to the complete death with his own life giving.
Let us treat this generation, sin, and the inclinations of the old self as mortar enemy. He who chooses the will of God, who is always good and pure, can enjoy the truth. If you follow the Holy Spirit every moment, you may not achieve your fleshly desire.

What the Lord wants to achieve through our devotion is to build One Body, a church of a cosmic body (Rom. 12:3-5). The Lord calls as “one body” for the churches, that follow Christ as their head and gathered to live a life of self-denial in giving up self sovereingity, and responding only through faith. Although the functions of the hands and feet are different, as is the case in one body, the churches in all nations congregate and form one body. And it grows to the Christ (Eph. 4:10-16).

The Bible says this union is a big secret (Eph. 5:29). The greatest secret and mystery is that He made us who had nothing to do with God to be one with Christ, His son, and in accordance with the glory of the gospel,  and in the Lord, we fully enjoy our devotion as a living sacrifice, that is, the life of the Lord in us working through us.

The Lord will work through us in everything which is impossible to us, and through all these devotions, He will accomplish the task of making each man a perfect man in Christ. Only those who are fully committed will enjoy the cosmic mysteries of Christ wholely. Remember, therefore that whether We live or die, we are only God’s. The Lord Almighty, who makes the impossible possible through our little obedience, still shows the achievements of the Words through various events.

Therefore, dedicate yourself. Don’t be afraid but dedicate. Don’t stop and dedicate. Commit now. The best encouragement of blessing I have to offer you is, ‘Dedicate yourself to the Lord.’ Give your body as a sacred living sacrifice for which God is pleased! (June 2017) <The End> [The GNPNEWS]
Kim Yong-Eui (WMM missionary, LOG Mission Representative)
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