“God used me because I was small and scarce”
Written by Gladis Eilward

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People often think that to be a missionary should be a number of qualifications or conditions. It is common to think that there should be a school diploma, it should be suitable for the standards of the dispatch organization, there should be a certain sponsor organization, and it can be known about the missionary site to be dispatched. But Gladis Eilward had not condition of any of these: a British maid who was not qualified as a missionary.

However, she could not deny or to give up calling herself to the Chinese mission. “God called me to China.” Finally I was able to buy a train ticket to China with a little money collected by working as a housekeeper again to go to China with a clear call of this word. In order to reduce the burden, she put on my clothes to wear more and to save weight and took the necessary travel and forms to go from London to China and finally got on the train.

To start a journey of reckless faith.

In 1932, her reckless and dangerous journey of faith began then. The way to the train was blocked because of the war, so she could not get off the train and ‘walked and walked’ with the cold. And there was a risk of being caught by the Communist Party of Russia. But for Gladis, neither the war nor cold, and the fear of the Communist Party could not shake or break the call. Even if people criticize her for making a dangerous trip, she obeys to find a female missionary who is supposed to meet.


Even though Gladis tried to save for the risk of life but woman missionary did not welcome her.

But her appearance, not discouraged and unconcerned with the consequences of obedience, showed that only faith in God called was all. This is one thing God confirms about the conditions as a missionary. It is only faith and obedience toward the call of God.

Gladis eventually arrived in China with a belief that there were many challenges of faith until he went to China. He had done nothing since then; only he was just living as a Christian and obeying what God was opening.

Through the government-determined abolition of the whole family it was possible to go to China all over the country under the government’s escort and to pass the gospel to everyone they met.

She was asked to stop the prison fight, but she was educated and helped a girl who was threatened by traffickers buying and selling children, becoming the mother of an orphan. Through this devoted life, the leader of the region received Jesus, and tears filled.

Missionary qualifications are to give a good faith in every situation

Gladis’ courage to confront death when the bombs fell from the sky and the war began in China was the love of God’s father, who loved the soul of the earth. It was an adventure of faith that orphans who lost their parents in the war began to gather and gather and live with more than 200 children. When the war danger forced the children to evacuate to a safe place, a large river, like the Israelites in front of the Red Sea, was blocking them. In response to the prayers with the children, someone was able to miraculously cross the river on a boat. This movie was an amazing experience of the living God.

As I read the book, I once again remembered that the life of the missionary should be such an obedience to faith. His confession was acquainted with my soul, “God used it because it was small and scarce.” I will put my life and the lives of my children to God so that they can be used properly for this call.

“God’s first plan was not me. I don’t know who he was. Maybe it could be a man. A man who learns a lot and where comes from the good place. I don’t know what had happened to him. Maybe he already lost his life, otherwise he refused to call from God. That’s why God looked down there.

And there God saw a little girl named Gladis Eilward. What did God call you? “I was just obedient.”

Missionary Jung, Joon Young


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