Even the reality that cannot do anything was the grace of God

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“Go back to the land of your fathers and to your relatives, and I will be with you.” (Genesis 31:3) I had to leave for outreach to India for the missionary training that I was called for with my promise. The figure of the all nations which I saw and looks like myself. I was unable to condemn and condemn them since I had admitted that all the rituals and disgusting smells in Hindu temples were like the disgust of my sinful old being. The Hindu priests who led the many greedy souls to hell seemed to worship the gospel in and unreal life

Since June last year, I had lived in my mother’s home where I lived as a child. My youngest brother, who is suffering from mental illness, slandered and mocked for my faults and weaknesses. I looked back on my life for 60 years and felt that it was a life that was not worth showing to the world. When I was a child, I resented and enraged my father, who drank and made his family difficult. It was so terrible to face my past appearance.

I ignored my father’s authority, stole stop goods and money, used it at my disposal, and I was a slave to Satan, who lived as a king, but was thirsty for recognition and reputation.

Faced with the life of my sinful old being

But my Lord changed my point of view. The church in a small rural village in South India was like the Lord’s arms that gave me my childhood. When I did not have the power to stand up, I always got to stand up with the Word, and in the midst of the impenetrableness of where I did not know where to go, the Word became a light and walked along the light. He told me through the morning meditation during the outreach that the Lord protected him and protected him under the shade of the wings during the winter of the cold winter and the hard times of hardship. Even my reality, which I can not do anything, was the grace of God.

The grace of protecting you under the shade of your wings.

I gradually found out that the weight of life that continues to be over after the outreach is eventually supporting me. I look at God with faith in all situations. The Lord continues to tell me what the recovery from my mother’s birth to the life that I have already know and chose, the original form.

Now I live by holding on to the world of the promise that the Lord gave me. “Come away, my lover, and be like a gazelle or like a young stag on the spice-laden mountains. (Song of songs 8:14)” This is what a woman confesses. Soon he knew that the church was the sound to shout to the Lord. “Yes, I am coming soon.” “Amen, The Lord, Jesus is coming soon.” “Maranata !”

I want to enjoy more time with the Lord who comes to a deeper and more secret place and meets. I hoped for the worship of the day when the Gospel of the Cross was declared and the Kingdom of God came to the small rural church of India that I visited during Outreach. Just as I dreamed of the day when the Lord came back with the figure of the all nations. I pray for the glory of the church for the Lord who called me here and wait for the Lord in the place of the prayers. The figure of the all nations which I saw and looks like myself. [Maranata!]

Won Hyung Sook 


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