▶ the wilderness in Mauritania

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Taking a look at the wilderness makes me think of something – the Israelites. When God judges Egypt, He delivered the Israelites, God’s people. And then God led them to the wilderness. However, Israeli people were so saturated with Egyptian culture that they betrayed God making Him so sad. Regarding that, Psalms say that the Israelites didn’t remember the day when God saved them as well as His mighty hands.

I feel like that I could see the Journey of Israeli people plodding along the wilderness from the footprints left on the sand. It’s like our appearance where we complain rather than thank for our salvation. We could hear the silence voice of Jesus: ‘Look back!’

I clearly see the footprints of Jesus Christ who has been walking with me along the road which I thought was a tough one I had to endure by myself. The Lord is leading us today, too.[gnpnews]

“He led out His people like sheep and guided them in the wilderness like a floak.”(Psalms 78:52_ESV)

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