Tribal Conflict Between Tribes Still Occurs at Ethiopian Universities
The scenery of one of the Ethiopian Universities. The photo is not related with the article

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A few days ago, I heard gunfire in the night, which reminded me of a local war. Dogs that barked every night stopped barking that night, so that night was so quiet. I thought “what’s going on?” Next morning, I learned that there was fight and shot between military groups. This situation is usual all over Ethiopia and is still keep going.

Somali residents require to adopt Amharic as their official language. The land of Somali region is the second largest after Oromia region and has third largest population in Ethiopia.

Sidama tribe which reside in southern Ethiopia voted to establish self-government. 98% of the tribe voted for the establishment of self-government. Even though the result has not yet come out, it seems that new self-government will be established. Sidama tribe has been strongly resisting against Ethiopian federal government.

Recently, there was murder among students in a university, which resulted from the tribal conflict. In Ethiopian universities, there are students from various tribes. The federal government forbids students to select university that they want to go. This system is to resolve tribal conflict. Professors are designated by the government. This system is problematic and causes a trouble. The police are armed and stand guard on campus to stop fight if fight occurs among students. However, they cannot keep watching every day. It seems that fight is so common that local major newspaper is no longer interested in fight.

The Prime Minister, Abi tries to establish new political party. However, parties that consist of Tigrai tribe and Afar tribe are strongly opposed. Recently, the Secretary of Defense who is closed with the prime minister also opposed it.

The current federal government consist of several political parties. Abi plans to unity these several parties as one party for the general election next year. He thinks that it would be better for him because he belongs to the tribe which has the biggest population. The federal government is so interested in the establishment of new political party that peace and security among tribe, the issue of refugees, and serious economic situation have been pushed aside.

It seems that each of them do their best only for their own interest. They don’t pay attention to their country, Ethiopia. If the thing is related with their tribe or their own interest, they don’t care what religion they have or who they believe in.

Similarly, churches is only interested in their matter. Passionate service cannot affect to the reality of life. I had a chance to communicate with an Ethiopian. I told him that “Life” has two meaning; state of being alive and the period between birth and death.

Satan continually tempts us to focus on only our satisfaction. Satan even teaches us that if the thing does not satisfy our benefit and interest, the thing must be criticized and be gone regardless of the justification of result.

One of congregations complained to Abi because he lost his job. I want to tell him the following. Church is the house of prayer for all nations, so we should pray for nation and people with the perspective of God’s kingdom and righteousness. Church must try to stop God’s fury. If church is filled with the perfect and complete gospel and seek God’s mercy and grace for nation, there would be a hope.

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