There is no the third area

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It’s important issue for God’s people that the problem of tolerance and decisiveness. The most decisiveness book in the world is word of God written by Holy spirit, the Bible. It was the Lord Jesus Christ who taught the people of the world and at the same time the least tolerant of them. He shows difference between love and tolerance clearly. Also he who is filled with love embraced everyone in the world and even died for those who hated him. However, he who put on the crown of love and loving kindness also said that “I told you that you would die in your sins.”(John 8:24) Jesus takes decisiveness attitude about this. He does not tolerate a man who takes a neutral attitude between sins and the Truth. There is no the third area of his teachings. [GNPNEWS]

<Who Put Jesus on the Cross(2008), A.W. Tozer>

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