Disappointment, irritation … Words kept me in my mind
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When our team was announced my heart was collapsed. Since all the troublemakers had gathered together. The third participatory ‘light fruit school’ was outreached, so I was disappointed to see my team members. As expected, the same team of kids were playing around and did not listen to the teacher. After arriving in Cambodia, it was not easy to adapt to the new environment.

They complained and complained about each other in hot and humid weather. But the Lord said through the morning meditation that he should not be afraid and not be worry. ‘You should be strong and bold. God will be with you wherever I go.’

Cambodia’s schedule started with participation in the 52nd prayer of Nehemiah praying for the all nations.

My fifth graders of friends were very hard to concentrate on. It seemed that Satan did not leave us alone, but kept making us fight each other with hatred. While praying, the Lord said, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” (Exd. 3:5) Until then, it was hot, annoying, smelly and difficult but the Lord gave me the heart that I should fit into this environment.

The next following was a visit to a rural village and mission. I shared out clothes and prayed for those who got sick. He repented of himself complaining of his desire to have more, seeing the appearance of the poorer physically but spiritually richer country church saints than I.

Also, watching the 1,000-year-old Buddhist temples, I also recalled whether there was a favorite idol in my mind than the Lord. Whenever the situation was difficult, I remembered the promise and prayed, and I experienced the Lord who kept my heart.

Gun, Lee (15)

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