The chiledren’s prayers changed and began to care for each other
Illustration = Ko, Eun Sun

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[No. 220 / Life of Faith]

I was the first to serve the School of Light for the fruit, which trains the next generation.

There were many unfamiliar areas. Calling students at home, submitting reports, and helping them focus of graduation and prankling in class… Through such service, parents learned what they were paying and sending children. So I left the outreach during the training process. Cambodia is the country that the Lord has allowed. One day during prayer, the Lord repented the times I served without love. After ups and downs during the preparation process, we were finally in the middle of the room.

Due to the changed environment and circumstances, difficulties continued from the first day. Impulse, God’s awe-free attitude, the desires and expectations of others, and hunger and sleepiness. I could not treat children who complained with love. I saw my despair and lack of faith. We confirmed that we did not have a desire, and only the Lord confessed to hope with faith. A day or two later, the Lord began to work through the morning meditation. The upper grade friends first showed the example with words and prayers, and cared for and helped each other. The children caught the words in the Bible. The children’s prayers began to change.

I was full of joy at the work God. I am so happy to see the children who are changing, but how happy is the heavenly Father?

Since then, I have heard stories of children who have changed at home. Only the fruits of God’s sovereignty and enthusiasm. He also found that only the crucifixion is the attitude of the serving and is all. The first thing I have left to me, serving the next generation and having no experience, is that I can serve the souls on the basis of the love given by the Lord. And God showed his heart through the obedient, and he engraved his heart with his heart to form a good line with us. []       Kim, Sung Hee


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