I Will Keep Them Alive!
▶ children and a woman on the seashore, Pakistan (by WMM)

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I can see the backs of children and a woman sitting on the seashore. Common kids would run towards the sea, swim, and build a sand castle. What are they doing sitting still on the sand? What story on earth do those backs hold?

Some arrive as refugees on a boat at the seashore that others reach for dabbling in the water. The refugees got onto boats with their family to escape from warfare, economic crises, etc. Even though no one knows when the boat will be overturned due to raging waves, they entrust the feeble boat with their fate, future and lives because it’s the only way to save all of them. Fortunately, they reach land, take off the life preservers, and wander to seek a new living foundation only to fail. The Lord proclaim toward those who left for hope but failed that “I will keep them alive!” When the Almighty says he, himself, will revive things, he definitely will. Repent and return to God. He will absolutely save you.[gnpnews]

“Leave your fatherless children; I will keep them alive; and let your widows trust in me.”(Jeremiah 49:11_ESV)

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