Behold Jesus, the Light of Men’s Life
▲ Indian kids lighting candles during Diwali (photo by WMM)

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Kids are lighting candles during Diwali, a light festival of India. Indians devote themselves to lighting because they believe the more light there is, the more their gods feel happy. It’s like, beyond just enjoying the festival, complete investment for which they trade their life that buying and lighting candles and firecrackers to get rid of evil spirit and be lucky with fortune.

What do these kids hope lighting their candles which are supposed to be easily blown out by a quick wind? I wish they knew that God, the Creator of everything loves them and is happy for them even when they don’t try to light thousands of candles…. Jesus, who is the light of life, has already visited us.

“In Him was life and the life was the light of men”(John1:4_ESV) [gnpnews]

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