The basis of faith is not on our possibilities, but on God

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Jesus Christ who become the Gospel (3)

If you look the problem too close, you can’t see the rest. But if you look a little further away from the problem, you can see everything that needs to be looked at.
When something bad happens, you don’t have any thoughts, and you fall into despair. When you feel like you’re blocked and your problems or despair appear big, God seems extremely small. But if you step away from the problem, you will see the great God.

Don’t be afraid, just believe

When despair comes while walking the path of faith that lives in obedience to the Lord, the Lord tells us not to be afraid, but to believe. ‘Then what do I believe? Whom should I trust?’ When we ask questions like this, the Lord asks us to remember and believe in the Lord who raises the dead and creates things from nothing. Death unfolding before our eyes seems to be the end. But for the Lord, death is not the end. The Lord was resurrected. The center of the Gospel are the Jesus Christ’s death and his resurrection on the cross. The cross speaks of our despair. It is the death of my old being who must be judged forever and ended. I crucified with Jesus. But this is not the end. The Lord overcame death and rose again. And the Lord makes me confirm every moment what is impossible for me.

Sinners are naturally used to living without God and being the master of their life. Then the Lord tells us to look right at the cross. When I see the crucifixion that the Lord and I died together, I experience that it is not possible through me, but through the Lord who dwells in me.

The Lord, who went on the road with the synagogue ruler Jairo, is not the one who asks him to do the rest on his own after He starts with him. If the Lord is with you at the beginning of the path, He will take care of you in the end. Therefore, it is the end when the Lord says it is the end. Even when the despair of death comes, He tells us not to be afraid and to believe in the Lord.

We need faith in the Lord who raises the dead and creates things from nothings. This faith is the answer to the word not to be afraid, but to believe.

The Lord says of Abraham’s faith that against all hope, he in hope believed (Rom. 4:18). He was promised to give offspring, but Abraham’s age was 90, and Sarah’s menstruation had already ended. Even after confirming that Abraham himself could not have children, the Lord said that his faith did not weaken. But Abraham’s faith was shaken. It was possible through God who held on him until the promise was fulfilled. Therefore, the basis of our faith is not on our possibilities, but on God who has called us. Because of this, our beliefs need not be shaken at all. What has become me is the grace of God. The one who made me and the one who called me is God. The Lord’s grace allows me to go that way so that I can go all the way to run. (Mar. 2018)

Missionary Kim, Yong Eui
(World Mobile Mission missionary. Representative of LOG Mission)

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