He who began a good work will finish it

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No. 240 / The Gospel is Enough

Jesus Christ who become the Gospel (4)

We have something to remember and believe in. We should not be anxious about the results and trust the Lord. We shouldn’t try to check with our eyes over and over again. Even if everything seems to be over and unbelievable situations unfold before our eyes, He tells us to trust the Lord without worrying and counting. ‘Don’t be afraid, trust only me!’

God loves you to the end

All the disciples, who experienced utter despair on the way to the cross, fled one by one. Jesus’ public ministry was a failure. Even Peter, who remained with the Lord until the end, denied knowing the Lord three times. But Jesus did not grieve over failure. Rather, he went looking for the disciples who did not believe in the resurrection of the Lord. The Lord is not interested in numbers or fruits. The Lord loves his disciple whom He has called once to the end.
The history of the kingdom of God has been continued through the obedience of those who stake their fate on the Gospel. But they were ordinary people, nothing special. Through their obedience, the Lord established the church, the body of the Lord, and today more than 2,000 years later, we have become the fruit.

The Lord knows us all

The Lord knows we have good reason to fear, how discouraged our hearts are, and how desperate we are. The Lord knows even when it’s so hard that we can’t hold back any longer and when it’s so hard that we can’t do anything. If the Almighty Lord, who commands the storm to be still, tells us not to be afraid, we do not need to be afraid. Because he knows us all. You can trust the Lord without questioning the reason and without worrying about the fruit. If you stand firm on the path of faith, expect and obey only the Lord, God will show you glory.

Remember the Lord called on the cross. Remember how the Lord saved us from our despair by His holy blood and called us. Remember how the Lord turned my heart, where it was impossible to believe in Him, to love Him. We must not forget and remember the miracle that made us to go against our sinful nature, which was instinctively drawn to sin and have no choice but to live and die like that. We also must not forget and remember this miracle of longing for the Lord’s holiness, giving us a desire for godliness, transforming us to long for grace, and calling God our Father. Believe in the Lord till the end!

Missionary Kim, Yong Eui
(World Mobile Mission missionary. Representative of LOG Mission)
Contact: gnpnews@gnmedia.org

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