The place where my mother passed by
▲ Artwork Description: Joo-Young Park, , 2021, color on paper, 45.5 x 33.3cm

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Joo-young Park, a Korean artist, introduces herself as ‘guarding the mind and thoughts through painting’. The artist’s paintings, who have been constantly working with wind as a subject, are always full of shapes like numerous leaves or skeins fluttering in the wind. Each stroke records the movement of the wind. Here, wind has the dual meaning of wind as a flow of air and wind, which refers to a desire. Therefore, the shapes in which the wind was recorded also appear to be traces of various thoughts flowing inside the artist or a prayer that was like a battle with the self.

Among these works, <Sunshine Lady> in particular depicts the prayer chair of the artist’s mother, and it can be seen as a portrait of her mother dedicated by the artist on her mother’s birthday. The elegant and antique design of the chair suggests a mother’s ladyishness, but dedication, patience, and wait are piled up one after another at the worn-out corner of the chair. Wind is pouring in from around the chair and from the left window. The traces of this wind show the inner movement of the mother that has continued to the present.  In fact, the very fact that the inside is moving reveals that the mother’s prayer is not for the one-sided wish fulfillment. A mother sometimes goes to the place of prayer, holding her inner side where her fears, agonies, and pains fluctuate. These feelings do not clear up in an instant, so they often lead to wrestling. Mother’s prayer, which revealed their turbulent inner self before God, and continued the battle of patience until they were completely silent and laid down, eventually bear fruit with a beautiful light. No, God leads the mother to bear fruit beautifully. The old prayer chair now dyes its surroundings with bright light instead of shadow. Above all, the fact that this confession does not belong to anyone else, but is the confession of the children is perhaps the most special gift God has given to the mother who has kept the place of prayer. [Gospel Prayer News]

Art Critic Sang-yoon Lee

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