Can you depend solely on me?

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I did know that the words of God should be concluded in my life. However, I was just wasting my time just as I had never lived that way. That’s when I started the Everyday Cross School online. From the beginning of the lectures, looking back myself in my family, I started to live by the Bible and prayers. Along with that, reading the book, ‘Glorify the Gospel’ chances were there to deny myself day by day. I had chased my own desires not feeling any guilty. Then I wanted the Bible to become true in my life, and the Lord answered my prayers.

The struggle began with the second lecture. I was suffering from the stress of difficulties in relationship. Learning that those who does not love neighbors does not love God, I realized how sin came into my relationships and made things hard. I wanted to repent and renew the relation, but the other people did not want it. I gave my apology but they denied it. It seemed like I did all I could do and had to wait for the Lord’s time.

During that week, my second kid felt sick all of a sudden and was hospitalized. It was septic arthritics. The inflammation rate was the highest. The doctor said she needed a surgery right away. I tried to search for bigger hospitals in Seoul through acquaintances because I could not trust what the hospital said. I relied on my knowledge and medical techniques rather than on God. At that moment I felt the Lord telling me, “Can you depend solely on me?”, “Can you fix your eyes on me?” Within mortar fear, I decided to put down all my thoughts and to give them to God. Every time I opened my eyes, I relied on God and prayed. That was how I learned to obey the words of God.

The Lord taught me about his ownership and that all lives belong to him through the time. And it was a chance for my daughter, born a Christian, to think about death for the first time. Give thanks to God, we ended up not getting the surgery. And we are having amazing moments worshiping God together with my husband who had been away from God. Praise the Lord for his wonderful work within me and my family! I will always trust the Lord and to step forward even if I fall.

Lee Young Hee

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