Sin is not “a fruit,” but “a tree itself” that bears fruit

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How do you understand sin? Often people view sin as “a fruit.” If sin is compared to a tree, people say that if the tree bears many fruits of sin, a person of the tree is a very heinous and bad sinner. People say that those who have committed countless sins as adultery, fornication, disobedience, theft, murder, and violence are heinous sinners who bear the fruits of sin abundantly.

The maternal faiths (mother-believers (a mother-believer is a person whose mother is a Christian and is a Christian from the mother’s womb)) fall into chaos here. If sin is only a fruit, there are few fruits of sin because the mother-believers have far fewer opportunities to sin than other people. Therefore, mother-believers have no reason to feel that they are such a great sinner, and there is no need for the Cross. Moreover, it is even so if the family they belong to is a family that has been doing a lot of volunteer work in a church and their family members have been believers for several generations. This is because they saw sin as “a fruit.” Many people understand sin this way.

If sin is only fruit, can you repent and take away the sin? Even if all the fruits are plucked, after that, will not a fruit of sin bear again? After that, a tree would bear more fruits. Then, people would pick the fruits again and throw them away, and then pick other fruits gain and throw them away. However, sin cannot be solved just by blindfolding like this.

“But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28)

There are fruits in the act of adultery. And there is lust. It is impossible to weigh the two – adultery and lust. However, if there is no lust, can there be a fruit of the act of adultery? No. The Lord does not consider the lust itself to be separated from the fruit of adultery. It doesn’t mean much to bear fruit for a short time or a little. The problem is that if the circumstances and conditions are right, it is the “tree itself” that has the potential to bear sufficient fruit at any time. it is the “sin as being,” the “existence of sin” that makes a fruit possible. However, people do not know this truth and think that as long as they do not bear a fruit of sin, they are clean and okay. It is the Cross that solved the problem of “an existent sinner” who has no choice but to sin. [Gospel Prayer News]

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From (Yong-Ui KIM, Kyujang, 2017)

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