“I realized why God let the beetle die.”

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I confessed “Amen” to Galatians 2:20 at NEW School(Next generation Eternal life With God, the faith training school run by World Mobile Mission). Reading the verse from Galatians that I have died on the cross with Jesus, I realized that I truly died on the cross with Jesus. Now I am alive with the Christ. The old me died and now I live with a new life.

When I heard the lecture on sins, I wondered why I love sins, which is much dirtier than cockroaches, rats, snakes and why I love the dirtier sins while I hate the dirty dead rats.

Jesus died for us and saved us.

Born to be a sinner, I cannot help loving sins. When I heard about the love of the cross, I thought that Jesus died for us while the heroes from the movies or cartoons kill and defeat the enemies. He did so to save us. We were supposed to get punished by God’s judgement. But Jesus crucified himself instead on the cross and saved us who had been united with sins and judged the sins. He loved us so much that he could not abandon us. If one of a LEGO character that I created does not listen to me and ignore me, then I will sweep off it all and make things all again. However, God loved us to the end. He did not judge us. He has been taking care of us.

God’s love that cares to the end not judging.

Thinking deep in mind of Galatians 2:20, I have come to know that the reason God let the female Beetle died few days ago was to let us realize God’s words. I asked myself if I can give Jesus everything I have even if I have good cars and lots of money. I reminded of the story of Nazarus and the rich man and knew that giving the Lord everything was the way of enjoying eternal pleasure.

I wanted to do the NEW school and God called me and provided the tuition. Next time I do it, I know God will call me again. 

Yang Seung Joo(11)

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