I Drew and Erased It Over and Over Again and Again
▲In the yard of a local Indonesian house, with my two beloved children, a photo provided by the writer

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This paper is a mission endeavor through literature ministry with partners in various fields. Here is a testimony of a missionary who participates in this ministry with joy along with the field missionary work at an end of nations.《Editor》

Serving the illustrations of the GNP Newspaper began with grace, not my drawing skills. I still thought I was too short to do this myself, so I couldn’t even think of it. However, because I was blessed by Jesus who saved me from my death, I decided to obey him for I believed in what the Lord would do. Though it started with grace, I still had the idea that I had to do something. So I felt some burden. But the good Lord changed my mind. And through this service, I enjoyed it as time to run to the Lord.

Whenever the writings for illustration arrived and read, I said, “Lord, I can’t think of it how to illustrate again this time.” And, I drew and erased over and over again and again in clinging to the Lord. Then, after the illustration was completed, He allowed me to be where I experience that the Lord actually did the work of illustration.

Looking at the writings to illustrate, all the confessions in it were like mine. The writer’s fall was my fall and the writer’s repentance became my repentance. The writer’s decision became my decision.

After receiving writings, I am given a week to draw illustration but since it takes me time to take care of my two children, I bearly manage to finish the deadline. Even then, the Lord invited me through the writings to the seat of grace where my weakness and brokenness of faith was reestablished again for free. The confessions He sends me are like the Lord telling me, “It’s a letter for you!” So I draw the illustration again in giving thanks to the Lord for his given light. Sometimes he leads me to a seat of prayer while reading them where I am so touched and moved to worship the Lord.

What I am grateful for while drawing the illustration is that when I think of it easy to do it, then, even if it takes time, the Lord eventually leads me to confess that I can’t do it, and makes me to start again from where I can’t. And this is the seat of grace where it makes me confess that the Lord has done it.

Another thing is after putting children to sleep, I usually draw quietly by myself, and it is so precious that it gives me concentration and passion like a time to have fellowship with the Lord, with no difference from the time of prayer-with/through- Bible passages. I enjoy the peace surrounding as a fence at that time. I thank the Lord for allowing this time for I know that if it were work of the world, I would have done it in haste rather than peace of mind.

What I learn through this service is not the way of human life that becomes more and more complete over time, but the realization that I cannot. Every day I know that I cannot do anything without the Lord while living on earth. So I adore the Lord more in here. I praise the Lord more than anything else for making the illustrations a confession given to the Lord. [The GNP Newspaper]

Eun-sun Go, (missionary to Indonesia)

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