A Church is not a Building but a Group of People who Love Jesus
photo by Kyung-Sook Kim

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The photo above shows the Sunday worship by a church, which was built in Ampasika, a poverty area in Madagascar. Ampasika is around the Imamba river in the capital city of the country. There, poor people who don’t know where to go have gathered and made houses with plastic bags and pieces of cardboard and lived together without public water supply or electricity. At first, they worshiped God outside with rain and wild wind because they didn’t have any worship places. Then, every child and adult decided to build their own church and they did so with stones, sand, and water. When the rainy season begins, this church becomes a shelter for the people who escape from the swollen river. This church, as a body of Christ in Ampasika, stands against the inclement weather, builds a building, takes care of neighbors in need, and worship God.

Due to the effect of regulations by the government during Covid-19, it’s said that around 10,000 churches in South Korea have been closed. The exact expression, however, should be ‘worship places’ not churches. It’s because churches, the body of Christ, are not the kind of things which can be shut down. A church is not a visible system or a building we can see around us. It is the being where God’s presence and the worship for Him exist. I hope that broken churches rise again like destroyed walls of the temple are rebuilt. [gnp news]

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