We evangelize Muslims by sharing the Bible in Arabic in Marseille.
Street of Marseille, Southern France. Picture captured from: Youtube channel “Michael Jiroch”

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Issue No. 268/Missionary communication

Marseilles, in southern France, is a port city with ships departing for northern Africa. This is why Muslims from various European countries who want to go to North Africa gather here. As the corona virus subsided, the Bible delivery ministry resumed at the port. The delivered Bible will enter northern Africa.

About two ships go to North Africa every day, and about three or four ships depart every day during summer vacation. Muslims going to Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco take 24 to 36 hours to get to their respective countries by boat. We are currently working on a small book for Muslims and are translating the book in French and Arabic. We expect the small books to be read by Muslims on ships. And we are praying and hoping that they bring the books to their countries and someone in their countries read there.

During evangelize people, the core part of the gospel (which is Jesus Christ) is still controversial with Muslims. The small book we are working on contains contents to help Muslims understand the contents of contention and rejection of the gospel. Further, it is a small book about 60 pages that organizes the gospel by topic. We hope that the small book to be a wonderful tool for the Lord to work with and a tool to help Muslims think positively about Christianity and come closer to Jesus Christ. Please pray for the fullness of the Holy Spirit to those who help with translation, for the translation to be completed quickly, for the design to come out well, and for finances for production.

We are continuing evangelizing people on the streets. In the last two or three months, Muslims from Algeria and Tunisia, as well as Muslim refugees from Africa have accepted the Lord. However, continuous encounters are difficult. We try to make an appointment with those who have heard the gospel to meet again, but no one comes to the meeting place. Perhaps friends or family around them have stopped them. However, they prayed to receive Jesus Christ because they really wanted to, and they wished to receive the Lord personally. Therefore, we believe that the Lord is in their hearts.

Recently, an imam cursed at us, saying, “Why do you give out Bibles to Muslims?” and took our Bibles and threw them on the ground. A few days ago, the imam was interrupting so bad that we were mentally burdened and exhausted, so we came back without handing out the Bible. Please pray for us to overcome these spiritual attacks. While evangelizing Muslims, we are experiencing how difficult it is to really make one Muslim to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. However, we continue to take steps to share the gospel with them.

Northern Africa countries (Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania) were the first Muslim countries after the death of the founder of Islam (AD 632). Those countries are now very strong Muslim countries. After France colonized northern Africa, Muslims from northern Africa made their way to many European countries through Marseilles, France’s largest port city. Marseille is an area with more than 90 mosques, Muslim prayer places, and more than 100 Quranic schools. 60% of the population of Marseilles is North African Muslims.

And yet, Marseille is the port city serving as a center for missions for North Africa. Marseille has become a city where the gospel can be preached to the Muslims from North Africa who live here. Various ministries for North Africa are being carried out, such as sending Bibles and various missionary brochures from the port. 95% of the missionaries working here are American missionaries.We are praying for a house of prayer to be built here. This is because Islamic missions can only be done through prayer. Please pray for a place of prayer to be built here.

Missionaries Deuk-sin Choi & Su-yeon Song

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