What happens when the church obeys the word of God
Written by David Joseph Platt

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In the Bible, there are many promises that God would achieve, but it is also full of commandments that require our obedience to bring powerful changes to the churches and to the world. One day these two words, promise and commandments, have been stuck in my mind all day. It made me look over if there were any commandments of God that I had been unconsciously ignoring even while holding onto God’s promises. 

I want to see what powerful things would happen when Lord’s churches obey the commandments of the Bible as for them. I believe now is the time for both a crisis and a chance for the churches to decide their directions on how to obey. That is how I got started with this book, ‘Radical Together’. This book, being supported by real evidences from the church, powerfully encourages us to see what kind of things would happen when the church communities stick to God’s words and obey them.

Churches, give up on good things, but do the best things!

When the writer of this book first came to the church, he saw that some programs and meetings and the budgets were actually blocking God’s best, the greatest commandment. It was not a bad thing to hold parties and basketball matches for the children, but he rearranged them and gave up on them to focus on telling gospel to the world with everything the church has got. That way the church could reduce the budget and put more energy into spreading gospel to the world abroad.    

Saints, be radical!

The saints are devoting their lives for God’s will toward the world putting away their comfortable and well-being life and success stories. One of them, who had lived in luxury villas sold his house and moved into a slum. There was another one who stopped his disgusting life that had only focused on eating and enjoying and sold the televisions, iphones, and cars and adopted a child. And there was this day when 160 families adopted new family members while listening to God’s words and receiving grace of gospel. Furthermore, the saints of the church have been continuing the life of obedience in various ways putting down all their belongings and possessions in front of God based on the grace of gospel.

Beyond the neighbors, preach to the end of the world!

Holding onto the fact that the ultimate goal of the church is to preach the gospel to all the nations, the writer did not focus on “successful ministry” that targeted the overflowing number of business people of that region. Instead, it focused on declaring the pleasing news of salvation to the nations all over the world including the local society. For this, he did not invite the people into the church building for certain programs limited indoors. Rather, people were trained with God’s words in their own places preaching the gospel with individual’s given wisdom and gifts and became disciples that make disciples. Each saint’s house became the basecamp for the world evangelism. Some of them made teams to go on mission trips and some of them actually became missionaries and went abroad themselves.

Closing the book, I imagine a church standing at the intersection of self-satisfaction and God’s glory. Nowadays Korean churches have millions of Canaan saints and numerous churches are closing the doors. Lord’s message tells from my deepest heart saying, “We should be recovered to Jesus Church!” We should not dilute Lord’s gift, so called church, nor lose it anymore.

Be recovered as Jesus Church that takes Lord’s commandments as the absolute standard.

If we are recovered as Jesus Church that takes Lord’s commandments as the absolute standards, then we will see the day of revival and completion of mission through those churches right in front of our eyes. [GNP NEWS]

Missionary Yang, dong won

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