Burkina Faso Yearning for Recovery beyond Two Military Coups
▲ Some local women are listening to the Gospel on the street, koukouli, Burkina Faso (by WMM)

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There is a small town, koukouli, in Burkina Faso. Listening the Gospel from a missionary, a woman has a big smile. Everyone is looking into the Gospel on the paper they’ve gotten and listening carefully to it from Korean missionaries.

Today, Burkina Faso is in an insecure political situation with their 34-year-old youngest military leader as their temporary president. Besides, there have been 2 military coups within just a single year among riots by Islamic extremists. The first coup rose last January and the second one did on Sep. 30. All these ousters have been done continuously for the reason that the relevant government didn’t curb the power of Islamic extremists, so many problems including public order weren’t solved. As of now, captain Ibrahim Traoré has become the provisional president, who led the second coup. A lot of religious, political and social situations are tangled up relating to this state in Burkina Faso: the activation of extreme Islamism and French military presence in Mali, electoral commitments for the presidential election, which is expected in July, 2024, etc. Experts are worrying about the fact that the country has to deal with domestic battles even in the battle against riots by Islamic extremists. The armed attacks by Islamic power have caused thousands of people to be killed and over 2 million people to lose their homes and be displaced in Burkina Faso.

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