In the Time of Despair; A Precious Opportunity to Meet God

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The Perfect Church in Jesus Christ (1)

In the midst of the deepest despair in life, God allows us to have the precious time to show that God is alive. The thing that people don’t want to meet and to avoid is hardship and despair. We sometimes meet a barren wilderness in our lives that we don’t have energy at all.

For those who lives their lives relying on their strength and putting themselves on a position of a master, the moment must be the time of despair that leads them to the death by breaking their will.

However, for those who lives with the gospel, the moment becomes the precious time that they can meet God who is alive.

Illustration by: Lee ye won

Churches in Korea has been enjoyed the amazing blessings and growth in many ways. However, now they face a big challenge and crisis inside and outside of church. Internally, they have to seriously worry about losing their spiritual power. Now they face the crisis even the outside also worries about their situation.

Why is it necessary to worry about them if they have the power of the gospel so that they can have the power and skills to purify themselves or to overcome all the situation?

The problem is that it seems that we don’t have power to purify themselves and we have shameful reality because of sins, so it makes us feel despair.

However, it every time of despair in our history, the solution is nothing special, but to meet God who is alive.

In the beginning of church under the oppression of the Roman Empire, the moment that we cannot see any hope like a sheep surrounded by wolves, God told the Apostle John and the churches.

The first thing that we can re-born the churches in Korea is that we meet God’s words that is alive. No other theory, mean or method cannot renew churches. It is enough that they meet God. Churches have to wake up and leave from the colorful theories and other things that tempt our attention. It is that to remember God’s calling who is the true master of church and built the church.

Why did God call church and make church for what? We must answer the question.

The church is not the organization done by dead tradition or hierarchical rule. It is also not even done by human civilization.

The church is the living community that is built through Jesus Christ in God’s will and calling who is alive. The church is love shown life that is truth.

Now, when we face the crisis, we must stop and think “Are we on the right track? Are we standing on the right foundation?”

Looking through these is the most important thing that we have to do in the time of crisis. (Jun 2018) <Continued> [Gospel Prayer News]

Missionary Kim, Yong Eui
(World Mobile Mission missionary. Representative of LOG Mission)

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