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The Perfect Church in Jesus Christ (3)

We live in sin and dragged around by the world everyday surrounded the sin. We are in slavery under the sin and fundamentally sinners who ultimately goes to the judgment of the hell.

How can we, as mere humans, put on the likeness of the holy Son of God, who was called by God himself to become the holy church of God, filled with abundant life in Christ? The Bible says that it cannot be done by any human effort or means, because the foundation itself is Jesus Christ and the goal is the calling of God, which is beyond human level. “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit.” (Zechariah 4:6)

If there is one thing that is most impossible, it is that I cannot live my life as I please. The rich ruler in Luke 18 had lived his life to the best of his ability without ever violating the law since he was young. He had pursued eternal life with all his heart and soul and when he came before Jesus, he was taught the way to obtain eternal life. It is not a difficult requirement. You just need to choose between two things: money or eternal life?

What is eternal life? It is to enjoy God’s eternal blessings and life within God’s eternal life. Is such eternal life comparable to money? Nevertheless, our hearts are often drawn to the visible temptations of money, unable to resist the attachment and greed for money, even when we have eternal life in front of us.

Even we tried our best and religious efforts, if we cannot make a decision that moves a single corner of their heart, to cross the boundary of our hearts is more difficult than crossing the 38th parallel ceasefire line. How many people, even though they have heard the Gospel, have been dragged to destruction because they could not make a decision? If there is something that cannot be surpassed more firmly than the ceasefire line that stands like a solid barrier in the world, it is our hearts. We have turned away from God in our hearts and become enemies. The Gospel of the cross is what turns us back towards God. Salvation and transformation of human beings can never come from within ourselves; it is impossible without God’s complete power and grace.

Illustration by: Lee ye won

If we forget God’s calling, the church will inevitably compromise and deteriorate, being overwhelmed by the world and leaving the position of God’s calling. Therefore, it is just as important for us to clearly establish the foundation and goals of the church as it is for us to obtain eternal life. The church is not built by people alone. Without God’s spiritual power, genuine transformation, where a person is saved according to the Gospel and changes from a person of hell to a person of heaven, cannot happen to even one person. It cannot be done through human effort, methods, or systems. Only God can do it. God is the true church that can change the world and is the true power of the gospel that transforms us into the believers. At that time, the church cans stand in the true calling of God and change this world. The world gains the ability to change through the church. The living God’s only gift to this world is the gospel, and it has the power to transform every situation. (July, 2018) <Continued> [ Gospel Prayer News]

Missionary Kim, Yong Eui
(World Mobile Mission missionary. Representative of LOG Mission)

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