It is really sad that there is not much we can do for the teenagers
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No. 287 / Mission Post

The tent school, which lasted for six weeks until the first week of June, ended well with the grace of the Lord. The tent school was not well equipped or organized, but it was a previous time to see the lives of the children there as they are. It was a time for us to see the children who move their hands before thinking and act according to instincts and desires rather than thoughts.

At first, we tried to meet the needs of the children.  We tried to fill in the visible deficiencies, such as the ability to count and read.  But as we spend time with the children, we realized that they are thirsty for love. What the children really needed was not to fill them with something visible, but to truly love them.  So, we decided not to think too complicatedly, but to serve more simply and with the love of Christ. The time spent with the children was such a happy time.  The children come to me even if I don’t give them anything. The children just enjoy holding my hand and playing together.

We actually wanted to share more treats and gifts with the kids, but the Lord did not often allow it.  The Lord wanted us to first share the love of Christ in our hearts deeply rather than giving out many snacks and gifts. Perhaps that is why those children remain deeply in our hearts.

The children I first met in 2017 have grown up a lot now. Most of the children have settled far away in region P, but a couple of families still remain here. Children from the remaining families often visit us in the afternoon.  The children don’t do something special, but they play by jumping rope, running and playing ball.  But the kids really want to include me in their play.  My body is not the same as it used to be and I just want to watch from the sidelines, but I guess the minds of the children are not like that.  I always feel sorry for not being able to play better after the children are gone. I am so thankful to the Lord that I have children who visit me even though sometimes it is annoying.

We have second welcome guests. When the children who left for region P come here for one reason or another, they remember us and visit us.  Some children follow their parents, some come because they are sick, some come hungry, and some come because they miss us.

But among them, there are children who have become teenagers but cannot go to school.  However, it is not easy to find a job, so they just pass the day without doing anything.  They are given no opportunity to learn or work. When they visit, we talk for a short time and pray.  It is really sad that there is not much we can do for those teenagers.  It is a time when the Lord’s work is needed.  It makes our hearts very frustrated that the growing children have no future and that they live without hope.  Even so, I was so grateful that the children visited our home.  I believe that the Lord sends the children because He has a clear will or plan.  Please pray for us to discover the meaning and obey it.  Please pray that the season of Christ may come to the next generation of young people on this earth who are growing up. [GNP NEWS]

Count M = Barnabas∙Silas

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