Albanian Churches looking like Brides who Pretty Themselves Up for the Groom
▲Albanian traditional wedding ceremony (by WMM) They are Albanian bride and her bridesmaids in their traditional attire which is embroidered stich by stich in a variety of colors. The ceremony is about to start. The bride in her white dress is going to meet her groom at the ceremony in her utmost beauty ever.

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Albania, one of the brides who are going to greet the Lord is the Illyricum region in the Bible(Rome 15), and the apostle Paul spread the Gospel there. However, in 1478, it was conquered by the Osman Empire and had been Islamized for 450, and a ton of aggression by foreign powers made it communized in 1944, which led to persecution on many churches: Many churches had to be closed. Then later, in 1990s, freedom of religion got guaranteed and the Gospel was spread by lots of missionaries. As of now, about 300 foreign missionaries are serving Albanian churches with faith training, Christian resource development, etc. Furthermore, churches grown by foreign missionaries are being transferred to the local preachers.

Keeping their faith steady against the wave of Islam and the threat of communism, Albanian churches are preparing for greeting Jesus who is to come again. They will welcome Him with their bright smiles when the day comes that all brides for the Lamb of God finish their adorning.

“And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”(Revelation 21:2_ESV) [GPNEWS]

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