Throwing God’s word is the cause of all the tragedies.

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The Gospel of Glory Filling the Temple (3)

If God the creator does not speak to us the creation, a human being cannot find a way the true meaning of their existence. Struggling in front of the death, not even able to answer a lot of problems of their own life is a general fate of a human being. We also had the same fate just like the others, before God blessed us to meet him.

The pathetic people, whose lives are held in slavery by their fear try anything to relieve the ontological anxiety,, but there is no way to quench their fundamental thirst.

Fundamental Thirst of Life

Even in our limited, human’s relationships, we cannot find the others intention without conversations. How the relationship with God without conversation can be scary. So, the fact that God speaks to us is really grateful. Moreover, His words to be fulfilled as he says. Abandoning God’s words is more tragic to human being than any other since the best is when everything fulfilled as God says. The tragedy of Eden is also originated from abandon God’s words. Throughout the history, the main reason of tragedy was abandoning God’s words.

Circumstances not the problems. If God is with us, that is the conclusion. However, one condition exists. We must obey His words, this is not difficult. Unfortunately, Israel abandoned his commands and caused their  tragedy upon themselves. God asks the Israelites if they looked their ancestors’ disobedience against God from their exodus from Egypt through the wilderness. Their failure is not because of circumstances and conditions but because of not obeying God’s words.

After the age of Joshua, the biggest problem of Israelites in Canaan was that the descendants of the first generation who escaped from Egypt were not aware of what God had done (Judges 2:10). Their ancestors inherited houses, lands, all profits of the world to their descendants but not God’s words, It is truly the tragedy of Judges.

Write God’s words on the tablet of your heart

If we have to choose God’s most important command from Pentateuch, the foothold of the Old Testament, we can choose Deuteronomy 6:4-9. “Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and accompany Him on your way.” How is that possible? You only need to write God’s words on the tablet of your heart. Then, you are able love His words with the core of your heart. God’s words is what He gives you as a life since He really loves you. Once you write those words on your whole heart, all your perspectives, behavior, and choices that you make are done by God’s standard. You will even want to inherit God’s words to youroffspring as you instinctively willing to inherit the most precious to your offsprings.

Therefore, we ought to teach God’s words to our offsprings diligently. This is a God’s command. Be armed with our offsprings with God’s words completely to their behaviors, knowledges, rationalities, values and perspectives. Also, we ought to lead the offsprings to live based on those words. We should reveal and show that God’s words became our true values of life through ourselves. Israelites had experienced the strength of His words in Egypt and the wilderness. Nevertheless, all adults who were above 20 killed in the wilderness. The worse was their next generation had experienced the same way of failure in Canaan. The reason because the first generation avoided their responsibilities of inheritance their spiritual legacy to their offsprings since they were too very busy to conquer Canaan. (to be continued.)

Missionary Yong-Ui Kim (the president of LOG Mission)

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