When I finish my days, I will say in heaven that it was beautiful back on the earth.

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Evangelist Min-Sun Yun who Follows Only the Gospel.

Evangelist Min-Sun Yun(Dong-Gwang Church) has been walking only in obedience to the Gospel. An unexpected thing happened in the family of Evangelist Yun who decided to become ‘a power christian’ and glorify God ― her husband’s sudden car accident and tremendous settlement money. God’s words for her at that time was “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law(Romans 13:8 NIV).” She couldn’t help setting off with just one bag, due to give birth, after paying for the settlement money and her husband’s medical treatment with their house rent because she couldn’t let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love. We listened to the wilderness of Yun who started off a road of belief, looking up to God alone.

Q: Could you please explain the situations at that time in detail?

A: One day, the phone rang while I was sleeping. I felt something was wrong. After hearing “There was an accident,” I rushed to the hospital terribly shocked and found my husband lying naked in blood. He was unconscious. I flopped down and cried out. Delivering milk, he was bumped against a motorcycle which a drunk teenage boy was riding.

The verdict said that my husband was more responsible for the accident without investigating the boy on his drinking. We were students back then and our house rent was all we had, so we pay for the settlement money with some of the rent. But there still remained my husband’s medical bill. It was like my dream of becoming a power christian and attending the world was shattered. All our hopes were gone, so we decided to go through a faith training which was hosted by a mission school that my husband had gotten recommendations for several times.

Dreams Shattered by Husband’s Accident

Q: Was the training helpful?

A: Participating in the training in poor spirit, my husband had an experience in which the Gospel of the cross became real to him. Thereafter, I also attended the training and stood right in the Gospel. I was a missionary but until then I only had simply thought that Jesus was just nailed to the cross. At last, it became real to me that I died with Jesus and also lived with Him. And it made my life easier thanks to His living in me. So, I was living without big worries although I had a lot of things to concern about, but another unexpected bill appeared in front of me.

Q: What kind of bill was that?

A: It was an installment for the boy’s medical bill which was divided into 24 months. We thought the settlement money included his treatment bill but it didn’t. On seeing the installment, I burst out weeping literally. The bill was almost equal to our remaining house rent fee. However, the words I meditated on was Numbers 14, in which the Israel wailed overnight after hearing about the investigation on Canaan. I couldn’t cry any more since God showed me the Israel people in Numbers 14. Contemplating how to handle the remaining debt, I made a decision to clear up everything as I folded up the bill. Amazingly, my husband, without knowing about the situation, told me that he got a message from God.

Q: What was the message?

A: It was “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another.” He had not decided whether to tell me about the message or not before he finally did because he thought “what if my wife objects to paying off all our debts?” At that time, we had my husband’s medical bill and a student loan to pay off. Our first baby was due and we had to move out to another place to clear up the debts. But God gave me the words(Numbers 14), so I told my husband that I would do what God ordered me to do. As a result, we determined to settle all our liabilities with the remaining house rent. I think that was where my steps of faith began.

Q: That must be tough steps.

A: Yes. We rented a house by the month in Bucheon, Gyeonggido with the rest of the rent after paying off all our debts. At that time, I was taking time off from school and gave birth to my baby, and my husband was going to school without any job. One morning, I read the words which says “blow a trumpet morning and night.” So, we had a worship with our first daughter, Juha, every morning and night. I think those days were merciful times. I was serving as a part-time preacher. We made a living with the honorarium. Actually, it was impossible to keep the pot boiling with that amount of money, but God did us a brilliant favor every time. In the mean time, God gave my husband a plan for the Luri tribe in Iran through an outreach while training for missionary work. The population was 5 million and they had not made any contact with missionary. I thought, of course, “I must be obedient to God.” And the way to Iran miraculously opened to me through several events.

Steps in faith began after she stood right in front of the Gospel of the Cross.

Q: What were the miraculous events?

A: One day, in the subway, I was reading the Bible holding my daughter and the person who was sitting next to me spoke to me. I told her about the Gospel I met and I had a plan for Iran. Then, she offered me that she would introduce a missionary to me who was working in Iran and temporarily was in Korea right at that time. So, I was introduced to him that way. Around the same time, I also came back to school and saw a ‘wanted’ ad for a missionary for a Korean church in Iran.

However, my family didn’t meet the qualifications because they wanted an unmarried missionary who was able to drive and lead hymn services. We didn’t satisfy any of them. Despite of the fact, we send the church our resume with a paper which said how our couple had lived after we encountered the Gospel. Surprisingly, the church asked us to come over to Iran. My husband and I considered the contact as God’s sign and were waiting for the departure date after putting all our affairs in order but…

Q: What happened?

A: The year was 2010 when the Arab Spring broke out. The visa for Iran kept being delayed. The period of our housing contract was over, so we wandered around here and there. Unfortunately, the visas were not issued at the end. I thought it to heart why God did this thing to us looking forward to attending people in Iran? I knew He received our hearts and He illuminated the fact that my husband and I weren’t of one mind: my husband was dying to go to Iran but I was obedient just because of my husband. In fact, I didn’t know well about the work as a missionary and afraid of going there with my little baby daughter. Anyways, the problem was that we had no place to stay. We decided to let no one know about it and live as God led us. My family roamed around for 2 months carrying a trunk and my daughter’s pee tub. We stayed in a martyrs museum in Jeonla-do and Rev. Son Yang-won Martyr Memorial Hall for the first week. Then we just roamed around here and there such as missionary return houses or churches as God guided our lives.

Q: What were the 2 months like?

A: I felt a bit sad but my husband was happy. He was always ready to go to Iran while we were wandering. And my daughter was also delighted. It was exciting for her to go here and there with Mom and Dad. I could look into myself watching my daughter. It was important to my daughter whether to be with Mom or not while it was important to me where to go. I realized that I had thought it was more important that where I go than whether to be with God.

On another day, I was on the subway to Chungjeongno, Seoul, where we decided to stay for another one week. An old woman saw our trunk and spoke to me, “Are you traveling abroad?” “No, within Korea,” I answered and she said, “Pardon?” I answered again, “Chungjeongno.” And she said, “Chungcheong-do is also good.” I just laughed and didn’t care about it but suddenly the poem, ‘return to heaven’ by Sang-Pyong Chon came across my mind. ‘I will return to heaven. When the picnic is over in this beautiful world, I’ll say it was gorgeous…’ The two months were the time when I desired, more than any time, for the moment of saying in heaven that the travel I took on earth was beautiful.

Q: I’m sure you had a tough time but it must also have been a merciful time. So, what has happened since then?

A: The pastor’s wife of the church where I worked part-time got to know about our situation and offered us to live in a small room in the church. It was a wonderful offer, wasn’t it? But I told her that I would pray for the suggestion and went to a prayer center which a mission organization ran in Incheon. I got the answer for the offer and my family started to live in the small room. It was mercy, of course. I was happy that we didn’t have to wander around any more but discomfort got to arise over time: I felt uncomfortable when I encountered other members of the church. My husband wasn’t working at that time, so I pushed him to work because I didn’t want us to look lazy. I was afraid that someone would watch us. I was busy working on this and that for six months.

One day, my mother fell in a cerebral hemorrhage, so I had to take care of her at her place. As several months passed by, she recovered a lot thanks to God but after six months I felt like we were parasites on her. So, I prayed and rented a room again. I went back to my missionary work and my husband has been working on a daily basis obeying God to go to all the nations for His calling him at any time.

Dreaming of visions for the world as a wanderer

Q: I think you have walked along the way God has guided you rather than along your own plan.

A: Yes, actually it was impossible without my husband. He is a person who must be obedient to God’s words at the risk of his life. He received the words of the Galatians which ordered him to look back on believers after I had just given birth to our second daughter, Yeha: ‘Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.’ He suggested to look after a family with part of the money he earned everyday.

I decided to do so but we were always short of our monthly rent around the due date. ‘We have to pay for the rent first,’ I thought and it made big troubles on my mind. When it became the 7th month, I told him to stop helping the family because of our poverty. Then, he asked me whether I had received God’s words about the problem. I answered “No, I didn’t get his words, but my mind is too hard to endure this situation.” My husband asked me “Is your mind prior to God’s words?”

My soul came to alive with prayer.

Because of his question, I managed to obey God until November that year. But I couldn’t handle the situation any longer, so I said firmly to my husband that I couldn’t stand it. Then, a month later, we got a call from the family and they said the husband got a job. I apologized the wife for not being able to help them until they wouldn’t need any help. We experienced God’s mercy each other that way.

Q: But I’m sure God must have been pleased with the obedience.

A: Looking back on the results so far achieved, I wasn’t a person who could follow God by herself. God made me obedient through my husband or thirst for solving problems. I was also able to live again recently thanks to a prayer gathering which my mother church progressed when I had trouble in the church where I work. Actually I planned to take time off from the prayer gathering but I had to pray breastfeeding let alone some rest. Of course, God made it.

Q: What kind of prayer group is that?

A: With a friend who graduated from the same school, I started to pray for all the nations and now we are together with another prayer group for Islam. There aren’t many people in this group but it has already been over 6 years since four to five people gathered and prayed. Although our prayers were tenuous but God has answered all our prayers. Since the year before last, we have prayed that God’s words may be declared at a school and finally, this year, a group has been established in which the professors and the students voluntarily get together and pray for an hour. We are so grateful. I can’t stop praying as I can see the glory of God when I pray.

Q: Please tell us your plans or prayers for the future.

A: I need to focus on God because God’s words are my plan. I naturally keep concentrating on bringing up my children because I’m their mother, but please pray for me to focus only on God, not on my husband or children, and not to lose the first love toward Him.

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