Stand As One Who Trembles Before God’s Word.

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The Temple Filled With The Gospel Of Glory.(5)

The true meaning of the temple construction is comparatively identical to building up a man. What kind of man? He who trembles before God’s Word. At this time, going back to God’s Word is absolutely necessary.

Just as the Book of Deuteronomy commands, he must be the one who makes an impacting mark in history by demonstrating the power of the Word in his life and living according to a biblical world-view and biblical values. This is not achieved because he possesses some kind of greatness in himself. But instead, the Truth that abides in him is the power that can change the world. There is no hope in us. Nevertheless, our immovable confidence comes from the promise that the Lord is with us. We will all witness the glorious day of our Lord’s return because this is His hope, and surely He will bring it to pass. Hallelujah!

Marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we must strongly confirm our conviction and place our trust entirely on the everlasting Word of God. All earthly glory will wither and fade, but only the Word of God is everlasting(1 Peter1:24-25). Therefore, only those who have completely entrusted themselves to the Word of God will never fail. We must cling unto the Word which is engraved in our hearts.  

The Truth Never Fails Although the people of Israel had the Scriptures, they failed God. Like the Israelites, there are some who have the knowledge of the gospel, yet fail to enjoy the incarnate Christ. But Christ came into this world to make the Living Word a reality in their hearts. Yes. Many hear the Word, but fail to practice it. They fail to live according to the gospel. But Christ came to resolve this tragedy by uniting with us in perfect union and by crucifying the old-self. Now, the resurrected life of Christ abides in us and His life has become my life and through Him we can live out the Word (Galatians 2:20).

Look at the promises in Romans 8. No more condemnation! All the righteous requirements of the Law fully met! Living according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh! A complete life built upon the foundation of the Cross! Walking under the inspiration of the Truth of God’s Word! The Apostle Paul vigorously exclaimed these wonderful truths. Therefore, there is no need for us to hold grudges, feel bitter or angry. For the Lord is with us and He sovereignly watches over our lives.

God granted us a clear revelation through His Word. By the power of His Word, we can mediate on His Truth and respond to it, and pray in harmony with His Word. Jesus also showed us through His Word we can live in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. This is made possible only when we fully entrust our lives to His Word. The Word of God is the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Returning back to God’s Word is the only way to kindle a genuine reformation in our present day. Lord, please speak to us!

Ezra was overwhelmed with despondency when he saw how the people of Israel fell into destruction, even after returning back from captivity. At a time when no one sought after God, the rest of Israel saw Ezra ‘who trembles at the words of God (Ezra 9:4).’ This led the people to confess before Ezra that they also wanted to hear from the Word of God. Moreover, they encouraged Ezra to do whatever God ordered him to do.

Shouldn’t we tremble at God’s Word? When God speaks to us through His Word, we must not doubt or hesitate, but respond with obedience and stand in fear and awe. Yes. If God commands us to forgive, to live a holy life, to reconcile broken relationships, to read the Scriptures, we must obey. Even when an earthly king gives a command his servants will render him absolute obedience, how much more is it impossible to disobey the words of the King of Kings. [Gospel Prayer News]

Missionary Yong-Ui Kim (The President of LOG Mission)    

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