God Helped David Who Was Incompetent

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Renewal of Covenant 3

The kingdom of David was the visible kingdom of God that God dreamed of. However, it was a miracle emerged out of impossibility because it was established not by David’s capability or competency, but by the Will of God.

God called David who was not qualified to be a king from a shepherd boy, to be a righteous from a sinner, to be a son from an enemy.

Only it was by the Absolute Sovereign Grace of God. When we follow God’s calling, we need to have this faith in hope against hope.

Absolute Sovereign Grace of God

As to the eyes of children, the parents are almighty one, so was God to David. David, in faith, trusting in God, defeat the giant Goliath. This was the incident which made David to be David.

There was no one among Israelites who could possibly fight against Goliath by his own competency or capability. Standing before the Goliath who was symbolized the kingdom of this world, David, as a representative of the kingdom of God, paying attention only to the living God, ran toward Goliath.

He had already known God who became his power when he fought against lions and bears in the field while in tending sheep. To Him, knowledge of God was not, mere knowledge of head level.

That is why, David, without expecting his own competency/ capability/ possibility, in full trust of God, could ran toward the Goliath the enemy. He knew God as God.

God is happy with the faith that not allowing despair to be our own conclusion, but having faith in God, hoping against hope. Knowing God only intelletually is never biblical faith.

The Bible says that David is a man after God’s heart. It was because, despite he himself was a sinner, but in faith, he took hold of the Lord as his shepherd and father. Though, David had theological knowledge, however, at a crucial moment, he didn’t take his own (mental)calculation as his conclusion. Instead, even when he fell into sin, he made, not fallen self but God who could purify him, as his conclusion.

Make God as Your Conclusion

God helped such incompetent David. The kingdom of David was possible with the help of brave warriors those who were with David. This shows that this kingdom was possible only by the Helping Hand of God(IIChronicles 11:10). For David who fell into the exgencies and failures of countless deaths and deadly sin, life was possible only by the helping hands of God.

The Lord shows his Good Hands through ‘human beings’. In the time of the Lord, he appoints God’s people and shows them God’s kingdom being fulfilled.

Jonathan, the son of Saul, David’s enemy, became the best friend of David. Michal, the priest, the Adullams, those people who could never be one, and useless people became founding credits in the kingdom of David.

It was done only by the great favor/ grace of the Lord. What more explanations needed?

Messages via Kim, Yong Eui(a missionary of WMM, Rep. of LOG Mission)

-Arranged Message of August 2016′

To be continued..

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